Separett Villa Composting Toilet Reviews (Best 9215 AC/DC)

Separett Villa Composting Toilet Reviews (9215 AC/DC): In recent years there has been an enormous campaign to compost toilets. Many people are interested in one for living off the grid, tiny boats, houses, or RVs.

Being off the grid is among the most thrilling and rewarding experiences that one can go through. But the most significant problem with living off the grid isn’t that you’re completely disconnected from the rest of society. The most important issue is how to use bathrooms, which is why people think about off-grid toilets like Separett Villa 9215.

About four years ago, I set up an organic toilet in my small house. I realized quickly that the composting toilet was very simple, smell-free, and was a wise step towards self-sufficiency as well as sustainability.

It’s not necessary to construct a DIY composting toilet any longer. There are a variety of composting toilet models that are designed to look like “normal” toilets and are almost impossible to make use of. Certain models have interesting features.

If you’re planning to install an organic toilet inside your home, you’re lucky. There aren’t a lot of alternatives for portable and small composting toilets However, those that are available are excellent.

This peculiar type of toilet utilizes aerobic bacteria to digest human waste. It stores it in neat, simple-to-clean packaging.

The toilet is a way to separate liquids from solids and breaks down solid waste by combining organic material and bacteria into manure.

A toilet that composts off-grid is an excellent method to provide the comfort and peace that you need in this environment. You can’t truly be off the grid when the basic need to use the bathroom is so strong.

Happily composting toilets are now the way to go and will allow individuals, friends as well as families, to continue real-life goals in this field.

With this in mind Below, we’ll take a look at the analysis of the Separett 9215 model from Separett. We’ll look at some key aspects like its value-for-money and build quality, as well as ease of use, as well as others. In the end, you’ll have an adequate idea of whether you’re worth the time or not.

Instead of settling here, we’ll briefly recap our pros, cons, and overall opinion of the product. Then, we’ll discuss specific details related to the topic, like the definition of an off-grid toilet and how they work, and much more. Use this knowledge to know more about this product you can and other related topics. Let’s have a look!

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC 12V Urine Diverting High Capacity Waterless Composting Toilet
  • Waterless and odorless toilet for on and off grid
  • High quality, made in Sweden, 5 year warranty
  • Typical installation parts included
  • Support, parts and accessories available in US

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Separett Background Information

Separett is a name that originated in Europe however it’s now being sold within the USA. The toilets they make mimic flush toilets as much as is feasible, so visitors won’t be frightened or disconcerted when they use these toilets.

Instead of launching an overview of our Separett Villa Separett Villa 9215 AC DC analysis, let’s review some important background information about the business. For more than 40 years, Swedish company Separett has developed waterless toilets that are focused to improve the level of satisfaction for its customers.

Separett is a company that prides itself on the everyday life of its customers which is simpler and palatable for everyone. Separett was established in 1976 the company’s goods are in use throughout the world, with a branch in Finland and an additional one in America. United States.

Their products enable you to conserve water, rather than use it and flush out your waste. The company has been a part of composting and off-grid toilets around the world. They are currently working on programs that are in China in addition to South America, with plans to expand into the future.

A reputable business such as Separett is an enormous benefit for the customer. While it’s great to help smaller businesses it is also a thorough database to show if Separett is worthwhile or not. But, not every trustworthy firm delivers on its commitments. So how does the 9215 model perform? Let’s see!

Separett Villa 9215 Review

Separett Villa Composting Toilet Reviews (9215 AC/DC): Wall-mounted Separett Villa 9215 receives high marks from those who have used other composting toilets in the past.

This is a dry-composting toilet. This means that there is no liquid that can contribute to smelly odors. However, there’s a continuously operating fan that is built into this unit to help reduce the risk further.

The majority of Separett Villa reviews for the 9215 reviews highlight the ease of the toilet emptying, compared to other toilets that are off-grid. This toilet is superior to others because of this reason alone. Although it’s wonderful to be able to have an off-grid or composting toilet is extremely frustrating and difficult to empty.

Separett Villa Separett Villa is probably the most composting toilet you can use. It has one significant disadvantage in that you cannot move the chamber by hand. If power is cut off it won’t allow the chamber to be moved and the composting process is slow. Therefore, this is the most effective option if you are able to find a reliable off-grid power source.

Separett creates it, which means that liquids are discharged to the greywater systems. The toilet is connected within the casing and then connects to the central area for emptying the storage area for solid waste. Once you are ready to empty the container, simply detach the containers and empty them in the appropriate manner.

Utilized in a range of places, from campsites to tiny homes, the reviews note that this composting toilet is simple to install, even for those who are new to the process and it’s comfy to use too.

One of the things that reviewers love about the composting toilet is that you don’t have to view the inside of the bin, and there’s no need to use a compost medium or turn.

From personal use to large families there are no complaints about this toilet, and it is able to be used in hot temperatures without issues.

Apart from being simple to clean, the unit also does not have any odor. Many have noticed that composting toilets emit an Earthy scent, but the unit itself is virtually non-odorless. In light of how irritating stinks could be when you live in an off-grid environment, this is a huge benefit. It’s the perfect solution for those who do not have sewer lines as well as septic areas.

I was able to see that it was filling the tank in the toilet roll quite fast, but this was not an issue. Given the ease of emptying the toilet, it wasn’t an issue. The setup time can vary depending on the location you want to place it, however, Separett provides enough customer support and FAQs that can assist.

It’s possible to think that $1000 is too much to pay for Separett Villa 9215. It’s still a fair cost for the quality. The only problem with its construction quality is how heavy it is. If you take the time to put it in the right place it will be fine. Be sure not to hurry up the process.

The main difference between this one and one made by Nature’s Head is that they come with an electric rotator. it is not necessary to turn the toilet each time you visit Separett Villa 9215.

To begin, you must first put some peat moss within the chamber. There isn’t any need to do anything else except periodically empty the waste chamber. If the urine is scheduled to be able to drain into your normal water drains, there is no reason to need to empty a urinary chamber.

A few users have reported problems that the fan would break after just one month of usage. If you’re experiencing this with you, Separett has done a great job in solving these issues, particularly because they’re not often encountered. The toilet is an excellent purchase for what it can do and can offer in the grand scope of things.

Installation and Power:

In order to install your composting toilet it is necessary to have the power source to run the chamber’s rotation and vent fan. It operates with AC as well as DC, which is ideal if you’re switching between regular energy and off-grid.

It can connect to direct vents or US-pipe-sized vents. All direct venting equipment is part of our composting toilet. The fan can operate with venting at least 20.

The liquids are able to run into a drainage system. You can also let the liquids flow into the container (which must be emptied manually) or into an external filtration system like the sand bed outside of the bath.

Our in-house expert team suggested Separett Villa 9215 as a good choice. Separett Villa 9215 is for people seeking a great composting toilet for areas that don’t have sewer lines or septic fields. The only criticism from users is that it’s expensive, but when compared with other toilets that compost in this class, we feel that the cost is comparable.

Specifications of Separett Villa Composting Toilet

CapacityUnlimited – It can be used at any time and doesn’t require special cartridges, as with some self-contained toilets.
ChamberTwo-chamber system
MeasurementsL – 24.4″, W – 17.9″, H – 21″
MaterialRecyclable high-gloss polypropylene with high-gloss.
Power12V/2.5W/210mA (Solar or AC)
Periods of emptying between 4 usersAbout every 4 to 6 weeks
Energy Consumption0.06kWh (24h) continuous operation
Watts5 Watts
AmpsUtilizes 5 amps for 24 hours
Pipe SizeThe vent is in line with US pipe sizes.
Weight41.8 lbs
Warranty5-year plus 3-year on the motor for the fan


  • It’s extremely comfortable for an out-of-grid bathroom.
  • The entire unit has virtually zero odor.
  • It’s simple to empty it at any time.
  • Separett is a dependable and trustworthy company.
  • The entire unit is constructed exceptionally efficiently and will last for a long time when well taken care of.


  • The toilet gets filled up with toilet paper quickly.
  • It is expensive.
  • There are some who have issues with the fan, however, it’s not a lot of people.

Choose this composting toilet if you don’t need to be rotating the toilet or are ready to spend more.

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC 12V Urine Diverting High Capacity Waterless Composting Toilet
  • Waterless and odorless toilet for on and off grid
  • High quality, made in Sweden, 5 year warranty
  • Typical installation parts included
  • Support, parts and accessories available in US

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While it’s not the most pleasant thing to do, to draw attention to the few disadvantages of this Villa 9215 AC DC by Separett the benefits definitely outweigh the cons. It’s extremely comfortable and can satisfy the requirement for solid toilets for locations that have a sewer system or a septic tank. The whole unit does not emit any odor that isn’t common in toilets that are off-grid.

I also appreciated how simple it was for the toilet to be empty, particularly considering that the main drawback to composting toilets is the difficulty they can be to empty. Separett is an excellent business and the toilet is well-constructed. If you maintain it, it’ll last an extended time.

But, rather than putting a stop to this article, let’s look at the vast array of details about the toilet. We’ll discuss the definition of an off-grid toilet and what type of toilet is utilized in the grid and how these toilets function and much more. Make sure to read in case you want to learn more on this topic. Let’s look at it!

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC 12V Urine Diverting High Capacity Waterless Composting Toilet
  • Waterless and odorless toilet for on and off grid
  • High quality, made in Sweden, 5 year warranty
  • Typical installation parts included
  • Support, parts and accessories available in US

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Why Choose the Separett Villa Composting Toilet?

In order to clarify the reason why Separett Villa is such a well-known option, we’re going to discuss certain aspects we enjoyed the most about it. Even though the market is filled with toilets that compost, we think the Separett Villa’s overall quality of construction and performance is what sets it apart from the rest.

Silent and Odourless Operation:

Because of the efficient urine separation system that is effective, the amount of waste and smells are reduced to an absolutely low level. When people think of a composting toilet that is self-contained, they think it will emit unpleasant odors, however, Separett Villa is a different story. Separett Villa actually releases next-to-nothing odors when it is placed within an enclosed, indoor area.

Actually, the majority of owners of a Separett Villa affirm all smells they discern are subtle, earthy scents, that can only be detected in the event that they are sitting close to the toilet and have the lid in an upright position.

The built-in fan was created to operate as silently as feasible. It only operates only when needed. Other composting toilets with ventilators built in are often running constantly and require being hooked up every time they run. They also sound louder and can be annoying, especially in the event that you’ve installed this toilet within a small space, such as an RV, campervan, tiny house, or tiny off-grid cabin.

True Off-Grid Capabilities:

Although you might assume the composting toilet which includes an electric ventilator can only be used in the absence of an electrical grid Separett crafted the fan in a way that it could be operated by a solar battery of 12 V This means that you could comfortably meet the power requirements by using a simple solar generator like one like the EcoFlow Delta 1800.

If you have access to grid-powered power, you could also run with the fan via an AC wall outlet, since it comes with an ordinary power cable along with the solar adaptor. Since the fan draws only 2.5W fan consumes minimal power, and is suitable for any home that is dependent on the sun or wind to supply its power needs.

The toilet is self-contained. This means that you don’t need to connect it to a running water system or a septic system. Also, you just need to place it on a flat, sturdy surface, connect the venting pipe through the outlet, plug the fan in and you’re all set!

High-Capacity Design:

Despite its small size, it is a compact design. Separett Villa is larger in capacity than the standard composting toilet. This means that it won’t need to be cleaned as often. This means it’s ideal for people who want an individual toilet that is able used in their permanent residence.

Although some of the lower capacity options can only be used in areas where they are only employed only occasionally, for example, an RV which is used only for weekends or a hunting camp that is not utilized for more than a few days at a stretch The Separett Villa Composting Toilet can be used in semi-permanent as well as permanent homes.

In reality, according to Separett, the family of five with the Separett Home Composting Toilet can be able to go for between 4 and 6 weeks without needing to empty the tank for composting. In comparison, the typical composting toilet must be empty every 3 or 5 days and that’s just for two users!

Outstanding Reliability:

Separett Villa Separett Villa was created to be as easy as is feasible, meaning it occupies less space than a conventional flushing toilet and requires little to maintain.

The toilet can do almost all of the work on its own and you just need to remove the soil-like substance out of the main composting bin about every month. It’s built to a very high standard and made of the most durable materials which means it will last for more than a decade without needing repairs.

The fact that it’s with a warranty of 5 years for the entire toilet, as well as 3 years of warranty on the motor for the fan, is an affirmation of the overall quality of the product, and Separett’s confidence in their brand.

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Where Are Separett Toilets Made?

All of the company’s operations are centralized in the brand new industrial zone of Varnamo, Sweden: development production, sales, and administration. When the company moved from Varnamo in 2015 Separett was composed of just 15 people. Today they’re 27.

What Is An Off-Grid Toilet?

The Separett USA Villa Toilet 9215 is classified as an unconnected toilet. For those who aren’t aware of the term, an off-grid bathroom is one linked with the grid. The term grid is used to describe an array of pipes or cables dispersing electricity. A lot of people live off the grid completely or in particular settings, to lead in a more private way.
If a setting is off-grid in the bathroom setting this means that the location does not have access to a sewage pipeline or tank for septic. Because of this, many people seek out off-grid toilets to meet their needs in the bathroom. Off-grid toilets vary in their design and the one above is classified as a composting toilet.

What Kind Of Toilet Can You Use Off The Grid?

Off-the-grid toilets refer to toilets that are away from the grid (hence the name). The toilets aren’t linked to any other system, such as a sewer line or the septic tank. Apart from composting toilets, individuals choose to construct an off-grid outhouse using propane, electric incinerator toilets, or the traditional bucket toilet.
Each toilet differs depending on how they’re assembled and some are superior to others. The factors that determine which direction one chooses to take are based on the budget and setting requirements. Finding a good off-grid toilet could be costly, but it is important to mention.
Off-Grid Outhouses
Propane or Electric Incinerator Toilet
Composting Toilet
A Bucket Toilet
A Portable Toilet

How Do Composting Toilets Work?

Toilets for composting come in two different styles. The most popular is the self-contained model which is able to hold the entire system generally, beneath the bowl. These composting toilets are common in tiny houses as well as boats, RVs, and cabins. Also, the waste has to be removed manually.
Another type of toilet is a remote or central composting toilet. Instead of emptying directly out of the unit, the waste is routed to a composter located in the world. Both are based on the process of composting which is biological. It’s a method that is natural to conserve energy while allowing you to make use of the bathroom with ease.

Do You Need To Have A Septic Tank When You Have A Composting Toilet?

While some composting toilets require an insignificant composter, they do not require the use of a Septic tank. This is a safe method of eliminating human waste without requiring a toilet. This also helps prevent issues that can be found in the septic tanks, like water pollution.

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC 12V Urine Diverting High Capacity Waterless Composting Toilet
  • Waterless and odorless toilet for on and off grid
  • High quality, made in Sweden, 5 year warranty
  • Typical installation parts included
  • Support, parts and accessories available in US

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Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed our detailed article Separett Villa Composting Toilet Reviews (9215 AC/DC) as well as other information on the issue.

There’s plenty to love with Separett Villa’s composting toilet. Separett Villa composting Toilet. Its ability to divert liquid waste away from the primary container makes it less likely to stink as badly as a standard composting toilet. We really appreciate that you can choose to empty the liquid and solid waste containers separately since it will mean fewer visits to an incinerator dump or even the outdoor composter.

The built-in fan is an excellent feature and so is the fact that Separett has an adapter for solar. We like the way the fan is running, as it’s quiet enough it won’t disturb users during the course of the day.

It can be put in heated or unheated areas, which is an additional benefit, since you will not be worried about it being damaged if you opt to place it in a place in which it is exposed to the elements throughout the year, for instance, an unwinterized cabin.

It not only functions extremely efficiently, but it’s an extremely pleasant toilet. This isn’t always the case for self-contained toilets. In reality, the toilet seat is about equal in height to a normal flushing toilet, meaning that you won’t even notice that you’re making use of a composting toilet when you’re sitting.

Overall, it’s an excellent system for managing waste that provides all the amenities of a home to the most remote and off-grid places. After looking over the Separett Villa and its features, we are able to know why it is continuing to be among the most sought-after composting toilets available!


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