Best Septic Tank Additives That Work For Clogs

A septic system is an important element of any residential property.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best Septic tank additives that work for clogs and are in the market to help your tank. Take a look at our top Septifix recommendation here.

A septic tank derives its name because of the bacterium that lives within it. The term “septic” means to be infected by a bacterium therefore, when we speak of the term “septic tank” we are in reality talking about an apparatus that depends on the bacterium to complete its job in the way it was intended.

Your septic tank was designed to use enzymes and bacteria that break down solid waste that comes into it, along with detergents, fats, grease, and oil.

The bacteria that live in your tank feed on these substances, and decompose organic matter and liquefy solids to ensure they are effectively removed.

The function of a septic tank is to act as a huge place where waste is transformed into liquids, and then eliminated by the drain. This will prevent obstructions in your plumbing.

If there aren’t enough bacteria that are present, the solid waste won’t be properly broken down. This means that the sludge that collects at the bottom will build up more quickly than usual, which could lead to all kinds of issues, including the clogging of your pipes.

What bacteria treatments are best for septic tanks? Biological septic tank additives, including enzymes and bacteria, are the most efficient and safe way to ensure the health and strength of your ecosystem of bacterial life.

This type of septic tank treatment increases the amount of enzymes and bacteria within the tank.

Both are required in large quantities to break down fibers and degrade the septic tank scum which collects on top of liquid inside the tank, as well as other solid wastes that naturally-occurring microbes could have difficulty breaking down.

If you continue reading, you’ll find the most effective Septic Tank Additives which are effective. Our #1 suggestion is SeptiFix.

SEPTIFIX Is A Must In Every House!

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The #1 Septic Tank Treatment On The Market:

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If your house is dependent on a septic system, it is recommended to keep an anti-bacterial product for septic tanks in your home. It can be helpful in identifying the cause of clogging when other DIY techniques fail to yield the desired outcomes.

We’ve compiled the top septic tank additives to work to clear clogs that are currently on the market.

To create this list we considered various factors, including effectiveness, active ingredients, environmental sustainability, and cost. The following are our top six choices within this area:

Septifix Is The Best Septic Tank Additives That Work For Clogs

Septifix is one of the less well-known brands available. It’s nevertheless one of the most effective and best septic tank additives that work to clear clogs.

SEPTIFIX tabs can be described as septic tank treatment tablets that are environmentally safe, solid, and OXYGEN release.

Once you flush them into the toilet, they’ll effortlessly solve all of your problems with your septic tank!

Once they have reached the septic tank, they:

  • Reduce, and then eliminate the unpleasant odors (the smell) very quickly within up to three days!
  • remove all organic sludge in the septic tanks, which includes natural oils and grease organic hydrocarbons, and grease.
  • Eliminate all harmful anaerobic bacteria such as e-coli, salmonella as well as other pathogens, which are commonly found in septic tanks. They could cause health issues for your family members.
  • to prevent clogs, back-ups, and other related issues for septic tank system which includes corrosion.
  • decrease, and in many cases, completely eliminate the necessity of pumping your septic tank!
  • Read our in-depth SeptiFix Review Here

Septifix is defined in terms of septic-cleaning tablets OR septic tank treatments that provide a unique way of the cleaning system. They are sold in 55-gram tablets which can carry approximately 14 microorganisms.

They also have over 10 billion microbes that regulate and oxygenate the tank’s pH. This keeps the tank in good order for approximately three months. This is the reason why they’re thought to be a revolutionary method to clean tanks, since they let you save more than $300 per year, and keep the tank in good condition for up to five days.

If you’ve been considering the best way to cleanse the water in your tank while not causing harm to the environment, here is the perfect solution. Septifix provides pure water that is pure and has no harmful gases.

SEPTIFIX Is A Must In Every House!

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The #1 Septic Tank Treatment On The Market:

  • [ Limited Supplies ] Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • Special Offer Ends Today
  • SEPTIFIX is the Only Oxygen-Releasing Septic Tank Treatment
  • It Releases Up to 10 Liters of Oxygen Instantly
  • They Offer Long-Term Smell Elimination
  • It is the Best Thing to Unclog a Septic Tank


Does Septifix Really Work?

SeptiFix Treatment Tablets are a popular option to treat septic tanks. But does Septifix actually works?

The short answer is yes. SeptiFix Tablets were designed by a team of experts who put in $1.5 million to come up with the most effective formula.

The tablets consist of more than 10 million bacteria each kilogram, along with oxygenation and acidity-regulating components that encourage the expansion of colonies of bacteria that live in your septic tank.

Septifix tabs are oxygen-releasing tablets to treat septic tanks that are flushed into the toilet. It breaks up as it is flushed into the system. It can release up to 10 Liters of oxygen.

Septic systems are septic systems an effective method of removing water. It is simple to maintain and lasts for long periods. Septic tanks are eco-friendly and can conserve you lots of money if you manage them well.

It is possible that you’ll encounter blockages and stench that are common to household waste systems. These unpleasant symptoms could affect your health and the quality of your life if they’re not taken care of.

The root of the problem can be a challenge and expensive when one of the symptoms which are listed above occurs. Because of the various reasons for septic system failure, a one-stop solution is the most effective alternative.

Septifix treatment tablets can rid your home of odors, eliminate bacteria, and prevent blockages. They are loaded with features that promise to solve all issues with the septic system. Learn more about the tablets.

Septifix Overview

Septifix tabs release oxygen. septic tank treatment tablets that are flushed into your toilet. The tablet dissolves when it is moved through the system and lets out as much as 10 Liters of Oxygen.

Additionally, Septifix tabs include bacteria that feed on the residual debris that may be buried within the tank.

Additionally, oxygen encourages the growth and development of microorganisms that break down. This is why Septifix tabs release oxygen, allowing microorganisms to decompose waste.

Additionally, sodium carbonate is a fantastic chemical that can be used to treat pipes. A large number of people use it to cleanse their drains.

The chemical is water-soluble and could aid in softening the water particle. This Sodium carbonate neutralizes pH balance, which makes the water safe and safe for consumption.

The chemical binds to the water once the bacteria is gone which allows it to exit the system to be reused.


Septifix tabs are compact enough that they cover the entire tank. Septifix tablet makers have assured that each tablet can insert itself into the dirt before clearing it.

This is due to the corrosive nature of sodium bicarbonate in the tabs. Due to this long-lasting impact, you do not need to fill your septic tank frequently.

The tablets are stocked with millions of aerobic bacteria that help break down compounds and turn waste energy. In the Septifix formula are Septifix formulation are chemicals substances that regulate pH.

In addition to purifying water, these ingredients also eliminate scents, making your tank smell fresh.

They also stop the corrosion of pipes used for wastewater or the tank used for septic. Septifix tabs can also be used to stop the corrosion of sewer pipes. the tank for septic. Septifix tabs have a circular shape and dissolve rapidly and are simple to flush out.


In the United States of America, Septifix is the sole method for treating wastewater, which releases oxygen. Furthermore, the tabs dissolve quickly, and then react rapidly by combining with hydrogen Sulfide. This is the reason they neutralize unpleasant odors and provide an appealing scent.

Since oxygen is essential to the growth of bacteria. tablets permit the bacteria in the tank to thrive for a period of more than ninety days. They are also non-toxic and free of substances, which means they do not interfere with the natural septic tank environment.

Each tablet contains around 10 billion aerobic microbes, which help to reduce the stink of waste. The bacteria increase the levels of oxygen in the septic tank making it the perfect environment to detoxify water.

Furthermore, a number of labs have conducted independent tests and studies on Septifix and its results. The results indicate that water treated by Septifix is safe for release into rivers. This implies that Septifix is a pH-neutralizing and odor-reducing chemical.

Benefits of Septifix Tablets

  • They raise the levels of oxygen within the tank.
  • They help protect the pipe’s structure by reducing the risk of corrosion and blocking.
  • They remove unpleasant odors up to two times faster than other methods of cleaning tanks.
  • They eliminate the need to pump the septic tanks.
  • The team used modern technology that allows tablets to be inserted into the sludge layer, which cleans the tank from top to bottom.
  • There is over 10 billion aerobics that provides massive grease and blockages, sludge, and sludge. harmful pathogens, as well as the reduction of bad smells.

Pros & Cons


  • It also includes an agent to unblock the blocker.
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria
  • Requires minimal handling
  • Eco-friendly
  • Round dissolvable shape
  • To stop rust and corrosion
  • It is neutralizer
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Available in a range of inexpensive packages, all with a 60-day warranty.


  • Repeated procedure – repeat the process for six months
  • Different outcomes

What Does Each Tablet Contain?

Best Septic Tank Additives That Work

First, it is important to know to be aware of is Septifix tablets are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified facility in the USA. This means they are made with non-toxic chemicals that do not cause health or environmental harm. There are many components in the tablets, they are the primary components:

Aerobic Bacteria Strains

Aerobic bacteria are the most effective tank cleaners. They utilize oxygen contained in water, to break down pollutants and convert wastewater into energy.

This allows the anaerobic bacteria to expand and grow. Septifix tablets are stocked with over 10 billion aerobic bacteria which aid in eliminating blockages and cleaning the tanks twice as faster as other alternatives.

Bacillus, Mycobacterium, and Pseudomonas

Microorganisms are described as vital aerobes, and they are essential to the treatment process for wastewater. But, they cannot be alive without oxygen.

pH-Adjusting Compounds

It is vital to maintain the tank’s pH to allow beneficial bacteria to thrive and ensure the tank’s cleanliness. This is the reason Septifix pills adjust pH, which will neutralize your tank’s environment to remove bad smells.

Oxygen-Releasing compounds

These substances react to hydrogen sulfide inside the tank, helping in eliminating the unpleasant smell. A typical Septifix tablet releases approximately 10 liters of oxygen which leads to the ultimate tank cleansing and refreshing.

What You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet?

If it is maintained regularly and properly your septic tank is maintained properly, it should not cause any issues. You can cut down on expensive septic system repairs by knowing what items to never flush into the toilets. Most people don’t consider these things until they have to pay an expensive bill to sort out plumbing problems that they could have avoided.

Are you avoiding this from happening to you? Be careful not to pour these items into the trash:

  • Diapers: Putting diapers in your toilets is a no-no. Because they expand when we drink water when flushed there’s a high chance they’ll end up stuck in the drainpipe, creating a blockage which could cause you to pay a high price.
  • Medicine: Drugs, especially antibiotics, are able to destroy bacteria within the septic system left, right, and in the middle. This can be a major negative for your septic tank which relies on the bacterial population of its tank to break down waste. Therefore, make sure that you don’t flush medicines down the toilet.
  • Chemical Drain Cleaners Chemical Drain Cleaners are as harmful as medications in terms of killing the population of bacteria in the septic system. In fact, a study has revealed that only a teaspoon of chemical drain cleaners could remove good bacteria -are we really needing need to say more?
  • Bleach: There’s an enormous distinction between the use of bleach in moderate quantities as opposed to using it in over quantities. When used in moderation bleach will not harm you and your septic system. However, if you are using it in excess bleach can cause the end of beneficial bacteria in the septic system.
  • Dental Floss: As dental floss is extremely tiny and fine, many believe they’re safe to flush into the toilet, but this isn’t the case. In contrast to natural trash, dental floss does not break down. It’s essentially meaning that one tiny floss you wash daily could quickly accumulate and cause problems in the future.
  • Female Products: Many women flush toilet paper, tampons, and other feminine hygiene products down the drain and then regret it in the future. They don’t dissolve within the tank of a septic and in time, they can lead to obstruction, backup of water, and other major issues.

SEPTIFIX Is A Must In Every House!

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The #1 Septic Tank Treatment On The Market:

  • [ Limited Supplies ] Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • Special Offer Ends Today
  • SEPTIFIX is the Only Oxygen-Releasing Septic Tank Treatment
  • It Releases Up to 10 Liters of Oxygen Instantly
  • They Offer Long-Term Smell Elimination
  • It is the Best Thing to Unclog a Septic Tank


Do septic tank additives really work?

What is the latest research on Septic tank additives? There isn’t much evidence to suggest you should include enzymes or bacteria in the septic system. It was reported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated that the use of biological additives does not seem to enhance the health of tank septic systems.

What can you put in a septic tank to break down solids?

Here are some things are you able to do to get rid of the solid waste you have in your septic tank.
Septifix Tablets
Active Yeast. Add 1/4-1/2 cups of active, dry yeast in your toilet bowl, and make sure to flush it down your toilet
Rotten Tomatoes
Hydrogen Peroxide
Inorganic Acids

What is the best bacteria to add to septic?

Aerobic bacteria are able to digest organic waste more efficiently, which is the primary reason why the leach field (which hosts the aerobic bacteria) is essential. In the septic tank itself in areas where the air is not available, anaerobic bacteria are the most prevalent kind of bacteria that break down the effluent.

What is the best product for a backed-up septic tank?

Our choice for the top Drain cleaner Septifix Tablet is designed to eliminate clogs in tubs, sinks, septic tanks, and garbage disposals. It’s safe for pipes and septic systems. It’s the tiny tablet that sinks into the standing water until it reaches the root of the blockage.


To conclude In conclusion, you must ensure that the bacterial count in your septic tank is always in good shape. The most efficient and simple method to achieve this is to add an organic additive to your tank every now and then.

Keep in mind that these septic treatments although important and, therefore, essential, aren’t an alternative to regularly scheduled pump outs of tanks. Also, ensure that you don’t create a problem with the septic system by shoving things in its path that it’s not designed to handle. Regularly scheduled maintenance and care can prevent unnecessary issues and prevent unnecessary tank clean-ups.

However, regardless of the method you use to maintain your septic tank or sewage system, you could need to spend more on repairs. The cost of maintaining the tanks on a regular basis because of corrosion and obstructions can reach as high as a hundred dollars.

To avoid these stressful calculations, you can switch to Septifix and cut down on maintenance costs by about 50. Septifix tablets are easy to use, and secure, and are able to cleanse septic tanks twice faster than other options.

All you need to do is pick up one tablet and flush it down the toilet. Then, let the oxygen-releasing chemicals and Ph-regulating ingredients ensure your tank stays sparkling in the coming three months.

Septifix effectively addresses the different problems that you could face with your septic system. The chemicals contained in the tabs will clear the drains, reduce the flow of wastewater, and clean the septic tank.

The tab that needs to be removed from the basin is what you need to do to begin treatment. Following that, the tab will break down and the chemical compounds begin to act.

It’s a simple eco-friendly, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly method to clean your tank. But, it’s far from 100% guaranteed to fix all septic system problems.

If you’re not getting the desired results from Septifix, it is suggested to seek help from a professional in order to pinpoint the problem.

The final result is that this procedure is a great option for those trying to save money while not affecting the natural ecosystem. It is also quick and will make the septic system smell clean.

SEPTIFIX Is A Must In Every House!

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The #1 Septic Tank Treatment On The Market:

  • [ Limited Supplies ] Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • Special Offer Ends Today
  • SEPTIFIX is the Only Oxygen-Releasing Septic Tank Treatment
  • It Releases Up to 10 Liters of Oxygen Instantly
  • They Offer Long-Term Smell Elimination
  • It is the Best Thing to Unclog a Septic Tank

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