Hey…!! My name is Dibyajyoti Bordoloi and I am the mind behind Cage Heaven. Being a simple guy, I love to simplify complex stuff.

I got my first pet in the year 1992, which was a dog when I was just 5 years old. Now my age is 35. I have over 30 years of experience not only rescuing and keeping various pets but teaching non-technical pet keepers like you how to do it the right way.

I have rescued more than 700 stray dogs, cats, various types of injured snakes, pythons, deer, birds, monkeys, and many more. 

I provide them with food, shelter, and the best possible care. 

Our team members, Dr. Tirath Singh, Dr. David Bordoloi, and Dr. Sanjeeb Dutta (they all are veterinary doctors and animal experts), always assist me a lot while researching, writing, and publishing articles on our blog “Cage Heaven”.

Animals, Fish, and poultry have always been a big part of my life. Also, I have a poultry farm containing 2500 chickens.

I was introduced for the first time to the fascinating world of animals while visiting Kaziranga National Park and Assam State Zoo operated by the Government of Assam in India. After visiting the National Park and Zoo, I was determined to have my own pet, and at the age of five, my parents bought me my first dog and two Persian cats.

Since then, my love for animals has continuously increased. Now I do share this joy with millions of others through my website, – Cage Heaven. On this website, I try to carry out in-depth experiments into so many different species; researching how to replicate both their natural habitat and diet into them.

A lot of people have been educated in the last year alone via both offline and online modes.

When starting to write about keeping pets, dogs and cats became the obvious thing to write about, since they are already very much involved in my life. 

Again, other things I do enjoy are traveling, swimming, and spending quality time amidst nature. I hope to keep writing about various things I love most in the future.


Welcome to Cage Heaven. I am pleased to have you as part of our online pet-keeping community.

I recognize the endless frustrations that people face every day on the maintenance of their pets and keeping them. My mission is to make you and the rest of the Pet Keeping Community a happier and more productive bunch. 

CageHeaven.com is part of a movement to liberate every pet keeper and help them to grow. My motivation is to keep you happy and help you succeed in your pet-keeping career/hobby. If you have never kept animals before, don’t mistake it for just another thing.

My goal is to educate and help each and everyone who is passionate about keeping animals as pets. Here in Cage Heaven, you can find out everything you need to know about keeping animals and their maintenance.

The door of our “Cage Heaven Community” is always open for everyone, whether you are an enthusiastic pet keeper or you are just starting out on your pet-keeping journey.

Where Should I Start?

If you are totally new to keeping animals, you are probably wondering what kind of environment you will need, which breed of dog, cat or hamster you want to keep in the cage and whether to choose a large breed or small breed for your house.

If you are already keeping such kinds of animals then you might be looking for specific breeding advice, species advice, or information on equipment.

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Pinterest is also a very good visual resource to check out a lot of breeds and species.


Cage Heaven is where you find new inspiration for your pet-keeping world career. At Cage Heaven, we have a strong set of values. One thing which is especially important to us is “care”. Everything we do is because we care. We care about you, your animal health, and your interest in keeping animals. 

We care about your dog, cat, fish, rabbit, hamster, and habitat. We strive to achieve this value with all the things we do. And with your feedback and support, we get better one day!

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We value each and every member of the Cage Heaven community.

We love sharing advice and information with both old-timers and newbies, and don’t forget we also love hearing from you always.

So if you have any questions in your mind which haven’t been answered yet on our website, or anything you would want to share with us, we’d love to hear from you.

And hey, thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it…and you. 

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