AirHead Vs Nature’s Head Composting Toilet (Updated 2023)

What is the difference between a nature’s head and airhead composting toilet?

Airhead vs nature’s head composting toilet: The primary difference between Air Head as well as Nature’s Head composting toilets lies in the high-quality design as well as the ease to use of the toilet.

Warning: Air Head wins this comparison.

Both toilets are comparable in price, but they’re very different in terms of quality. Let’s begin first with nature’s Head.

I’ve provided a wonderful (and short) video tutorial of a comparison side-by-side of two toilets for visual learners near the end of this article.

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Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

It is the Natural’s Head toilet is a simple plastic mold. The toilet seat is uncomfortable and the lid isn’t airtight.

The solids compartment inside The Nature’s Head composting toilet are numerous nooks, crevices, and crevasses that can (and ought to) be filled prior to sale. These crevasses and nooks are extremely difficult to scrub and can cause problems when you visit an area where fungus gnats may be present.

Dumping the Nature’s Head Toilet

If you have to empty the liquids – which happens the case every day – then you’ll need to take off the entire top from the Nature’s Head toilet to access the container. (You don’t need to do this with an Airhead). Additionally, the liquids jug is transparent. It doesn’t really matter, however, if you’re walking through a park with an ice cube of a clear liquid that is yellow it’s obvious that you’re carrying your urine around.

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design
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Air Head Composting Toilet

Air Head” Composting Toilet operates in a simple manner. By segregating solids from liquids The volume of human solid matter is drastically decreased. Air Head’s estimated capacity of five gallons can accommodate up to a full season’s worth of weekend use could be held.

The Air Head composting toilet is simply better in every way. From the style to the final touches everything about the Air Head toilet is superior. Air Head toilet is different and superior.

Let’s begin with the chair. The toilet comes with the actual toilet seat and lid. Even better? The seat of the toilet has a seal of rubber, meaning the toilet is airtight. Toilets that compost doesn’t smell however, sometimes the liquids could create an unpleasant smell. The odor could be released from the toilet when there’s not an airtight lid similar to the Air Head.

The seat has a seal between the lid of the seat as well as the seat’s bottom. The toilet is airtight.

Dumping the Air Head Toilet

The process of dumping into the Air Head is much easier and enjoyable for a variety of reasons. First, this Air Head toilet has handles at the sides. This makes it very simple to dump waste into garbage bags. It is also easy to dump the solids into a garbage bag. Nature’s Head doesn’t have handles and this makes it difficult to grasp, and even harder to grasp to take it out.

Furthermore, the form and materials of the solids bin make it much easier to empty and clean. It’s round and smooth, without any nooks or crevices.

The jug for liquids in the airhead composting toilet is secured by several clasps. It isn’t necessary to take the top of the toilet to empty the contents. It’s enough to loosen the latch and then pull it out!

Additionally, the jug appears clear white, with a small transparent window that lets you observe when it’s full. This can be a disadvantage for some, but I’d prefer carrying a white jug of pee in a camping area rather than a transparent one.

Air Head Composting Toilet
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  • Liquids can be emptied without opening solids tank by pulling forward.
  • Normal household round seat with our exclusive seals.
  • Opaque liquid bottle has round sight glass to check level.

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Installation Comparison

Air Head Air Head was very simple to put in place and is similar to its Nature’s Head installation. The Air Head required one additional step which was to install the in-line screen to the hose. However, it only took just a few minutes to install. The screen in-line is simple to clean or replaced should bugs get to the line.

Furthermore, the solids and urine tanks are set up separately, which means there are four brackets that need to be put in place versus the two that are on the head of nature, and the four brackets permit tank to be empty much more quickly since they are distinct. PVC glue is required to make two connections to the Air Head.

Air Head Vs. Natures Head Composting Toilet

Here’s a comparison of the two composting toilets:

AirHead vs Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head translucent bottles can get quite ugly quickly because of the accumulation of urine residue. Air Head has a view strip and a replaceable PVC tube. If the tube becomes dirty, change it out at any hardware retailer.

It’s a little bizarre that to take off these LIQUID bottles of Nature’s Head it is necessary to raise the bowl, exposing the solid “goods” for a few minutes. The Air Head tanks are removed with an upward pull on the bottom. After that, the bottle will tilt underneath the spout. It is believed that the Air Head bottle has a 1.8-gallon capacity when it is used according to the specifications. It actually has two gallons of capacity if you lift the bowl the same way as the NH.

NH is more compact. When tilting the bowl back onto Nature’s Head there is more room at the rear to be able to do this. Furthermore, the base in NH is square, making it difficult to squeeze in small areas as opposed to Air Head, which is circular. Air Head. Air Head was and still is the most compact composting toilet ever created.

As amazing is the fact that the handle of the crank of the Natures Head is threaded so it only turns in one direction. The other direction will break so that the crank handle falls off. I created an Agitator inside the Air Head (which Nature’s Head replicated) to rotate in both directions. One direction is to move everything to the right, and the other outward. It’s an essential part of the equation that you are able to reverse the direction. Nature’s Head does not offer that…thread lock can’t be held.

The Air Head lid and seat are sealed off to prevent insects from flying in and also to lessen the odor in case the fan is stalled. Nature’s Head lids are not gaskets.

Air Head comes complete with a solid lid for transport to take it off of your vessel. It’s amazing that Nature’s Head isn’t equipped with a lid that you can use when emptying the tank.

Air Head comes with starter peat as well as liners, enzyme mounting screws, a hoses fan, as well as four pages of instructions updated over eight years. Nature’s Head is not equipped with enzymes, liners, or starter peat, and the instruction manuals are short.

My favorite is to elevate the seat to flush your urine into your Air Head. Nature’s Head demands that men run through the seat which doesn’t lift. NH boasts of having a larger seat. However, it’s not really a seat is it?

Air Head has a remote fan inside its shroud, which draws air from the system. These Nature’s Head fans are mounted to the toilet’s body and are attempting to move in the air via the hose, which is not as efficient due to the turbulent air and is most likely to force stale air through leaks within the long length of the hose following the fan is removed.

Air Head is a nice matte “granite” white. Nature’s Head is a deep “granite” gray which appears to be the exact color formulation that is used to make porta-johns.

Air Head, with an extended warranty of two years. Nature’s Head 1 year.


How Does an Airhead Composting Toilet Work?

Toilets with Air Heads that compost operates by separating solids and liquids by using the unique shape of the bowl. The lever on one side is able to be opened, allowing solids to move through the lower part of the bowl and then shut again to cover the contents. Switch the lever to one side and it will open up the container of solids to be used.

How Does Nature’s Head Work?

Nature’s Head separates the liquid waste and solid waste into two separate containers. This is the reason why it is odorless. If you are using it to wash your hands, you will need to open the latch manually to transfer your waste to the right container.

What is Nature’s Head Composting Toilet?

Nature’s Head’s composting toilet is self-contained, urine diverting, and the waterless design allows for convenience for many applications. Also known as a dry or dry toilet and a dry toilet, the Nature’s Head is lightweight, small, and odorless making it the perfect choice for your home, cabin, small house, and RV, as well as a boat, workshop, and even for survival applications.

What Do You Use in Nature’s Head?

To refill your toilet, or replenish it after emptying, place two bags of pre-moistened Sphagnum peat coconut fiber or moss in the bottom inside the bowl of the toilet.

Is a Composting Toilet Worth It?

Although the initial cost is higher than the standard toilet, however, the benefits over time surpass the initial cost. A composting toilet will reduce your expenses and reduce environmental impacts over the course of time.

AirHead vs Nature’s Head Composting Toilet (Summary)

Composting toilet from Nature’s Head separates the solid waste and the liquid waste into two different containers. This is the main reason why it is odorless.

Overall we were pleased with our experience using the Nature’s Head composting toilet, however, we thought that it could be improved. The Air Head appears to have been the cause of some of the issues we experienced with our previous unit.

We’re confident that our beliefs are as true. After a few months, we’ll revisit the subject by conducting a Head to Head comparison on the topic of “AirHead vs Nature’s Head Composting Toilet” of both models.


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