Best Composting Toilet for a Tiny House Review & Top Picks

What is the Best Composting Toilet for a Tiny House? The best composting toilet is one solution to save Mother Earth by preserving energy and water.

In the case of tiny house toilets, there are numerous options available to choose from, but not all tiny house toilet is created identically.

The world we inhabit is starting to realize the need to conserve our environment. We’re trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and efficiently control our natural resources.

It can be a bit overwhelming and expensive, so you’ll always make the right option for your budget while also protecting the environment.

The purchase of the composting toilet is one way to achieve this. It requires less water and energy, while others don’t use anything at all.

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Knowing your expectations, needs and your willingness to keep a different toilet will assist you in choosing a toilet that is suitable for your needs and will enhance the enjoyment of your new house.

The first composting toilets were only available to RVs and small homes, holiday cottages, and houseboats. At the present, you could have one in your typical modern residence. You should also consider the degree of “off-grid” you will be since that will affect the kind of toilet you require.

What is the Best Composting Toilet for a Tiny House?

Below, we’ve created the list of compost toilets in tiny house options. We picked these toilets based on their capacity to work day-to-day and also move around with no spills if you choose to take your small home out on the road!

Be aware that some of these aren’t flush toilets, so make sure you have the right plumbing support for your small home.

Nature’s Head Toilet

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design
  • No one - and I mean no one - will beat my customer service and individual...
  • Easy to install by any reasonably handy person.
  • Absolutely No Odor. No Maintenance. 5 Year Warranty.
  • Huge Capacity. 2 people using full time will empty every 4-6 weeks. Easy empty...
  • A vast improvement over older composting toilet designs. This one works!

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We have chosen this as the best composting toilet for a tiny house regardless of price.

TheNature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet is quickly becoming the top seller on the tiny home toilet market and will soon become the best composting toilet for a tiny house. It’s a real urine-separating toilet and the simple design, the absence of moving parts and the obvious advantages of size make the toilet a distinct advantage.

Customer Reviews4.5 out of five stars
Best Sellers Rank#11 in One-Piece Toilets, #64,204 in Tools & Home Improvement
Date First AvailableOctober 31, 2012
BrandNature’s Head
Capacity26 Liters
Item Weight28 pounds
Product Dimensions22 21.7 inches 20.5 2.75 21.7 inches
ManufacturerNature’s Head
Part NumberNatures Head Spider
Item Model NumberSpider Handle
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer?No
Size20″ high
Power SourceDC. 12-volt adapter is available.
Voltage12 Volts
Installation MethodWall
Item Package Quantity1
Maximum Weight Capacity300 Pounds
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No

Efficiency is vital when it comes to tiny composting toilets. First of all the waste that is composted must not smell. The compost must remain safe for handling after the compost has been removed. The liquid component will eventually be evaporated.

All of this seems to be done using Nature’s head model and does it without producing any odors of compost or byproducts. The toilet is able to separate liquid waste from its container by using dry composting methods.

To ensure that it is clean to keep it clean, you should empty the container of liquid every two days. Then, you can reuse the liquids about 80 times before they need to be removed.

You can easily clean this toilet using just an ordinary toilet brush and water. The assembly of this robust item is a simple task. However, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. However, it is not easy to get used to the lock side may require some time.


  • The installation was straightforward and the directions were simple and straightforward to learn.
  • There is no scent. It’s just an earthy scent.
  • It’s easy to clean and much easier to clean than changing a cat litter box if there’s any kind of comparison.
  • The entire thing is molded into the plastic, which makes it light which is very appealing.
  • Two people who use the unit for a long time could last up to six weeks before the unit needs to be cleaned out.
  • Completely sealed to handle anything you throw at it.
  • A relatively low cost.


  • The user is required to empty the bottle of liquid.
  • My biggest complaint has to do with the design of the separation.
  • Solid waste might require a longer time to compost fully therefore it is suggested to use an external composter. If one isn’t available, an extra solids bin with lids is available to allow compost the time it needs to break down.

The downside is the fact that the Nature’s Head composting toilet requires sawdust or peat moss, which needs to purchase separately.

These materials are not allowed to be put into the public sewerage system. Therefore, you’ll need to locate an area that is secure to dispose of the waste from your bathroom. If you’re not interested in gardening, you can donate these fertilizers at no cost to a neighbor who has.

OGO Composting Toilet

OGO™ Compost Toilet | Best Nature's Compost Toilet | RV, Tiny Houses, Vans, Boats | Electric Mixing | Urine Separating | Urine Level Sensor | No Black Tanks No Dump-Stations
  • Push of a Button Electric Mixing
  • Smallest Footprint on Market 15" Deep x 16" Wide
  • USA Made with attention to Quality
  • Urine Level Sensor
  • 2.4 gallon urine bottle and 25-30 use solids bin

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ItsOGO Waterless Composting Toiletis stylish and sleek and is the most compact composting toilet on the market which makes it ideal for RVs and boats, as well as composting toilets for basements, cabins, and campers, workshops, and even tiny homes.

Hand-crafted in the USA Made by hand in the USA, OGO Toilet is made by hand in the USA. OGO Toilet effectively is able to separate solids from liquids, that’s why there’s no smell!

Yes, The distinctive design makes sure that you don’t will have to contend with stinky odors.


  • No need to crank the engine
  • No odors
  • 100% eco-friendly, which means you’ll be helping to save the earth as well as your wallet.
  • The toilet is less frequently empty because of the improved container
  • Modern design looks great in your space!


  • It requires a power connection
  • The user is required to take out the liquid bottle.
  • Solid waste could require longer to compost fully, and therefore the use of a composter outside is recommended.

Separett Composting Toilets

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Separett Series Composting Toiletsare rapidly becoming sought-after by those in the tiny house crowd. Simple design and construction along with a classic style of toilet make it an appealing option for many tiny homeowners!

Separett Villa works in a similar manner similar to the EcoJohn base but with the ability to rotate the drum so that solid waste doesn’t pile into a pyramid, causing users to have to empty the tank more frequently.

Separett is a reputable company. Separett is also a biodegradable bag which means that transferring garbage to a compost pile doesn’t require that you empty your bag or manage the raw waste.


  • Simple design, similar to traditional toilets
  • No water is required
  • Odor-free
  • No Step Up
  • The waste drum that rotates
  • Compostable Bags


  • Power hookup is required.
  • Requires vent pipe install
  • Requires liquid drain hose

Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp Toilet

Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp, Polypropylene
  • VERSATILITY: Award-winning, top-of-the-line portable toilet, suited for RVs,...
  • DESIGN: Sleek, modern, and homelike look, Porta Potti Curve comes with a...
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Easy to use and clean, Curve has an ergonomic carrying handle, an...
  • SANITARY: Odorless and leak proof, the portable toilet has a sealed valve to...
  • OPTIONAL: The hold down kit helps secure the portable toilet to the floor,...

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We have chosen this as the best composting toilet for a tiny house for the price.

The composting toilet is made up of two sections that are securely attached and can be easily separated as required. The top portion of the tank holds four gallons of clean flushing water. The bottom holds waste of up to 5.5 grams.

A Porta Toilet is a toilet that can be used in full service. It includes toilet paper holders flusher, a cistern seat, and a lid. The lower part is sealed off from odor and includes a branded anti-odorizer. When it’s ready to receive refilling the indicator for water level alerts you.

It is possible to use the Porta Potti may be securely emptied into a normal toilet. It doesn’t need a sheet of plastic for its liner. After cleaning it is recommended to add a small amount of deodorizer to the waste tank to eliminate any smells that have percolated through the plastic. Additionally that the toilet will require 6AA batteries, which could be a challenge.

The batteries deplete quickly. As they age the water intake could overflow and leak. The flusher knob being turned counter-clockwise will prolong the life of the battery. It closes the circuit and cuts off the battery’s energy. If you are required to turn it on, just switch on the switch “on.”


  • Portable
  • Does the ground lock-in option work?
  • Battery-operated (one method to save energy)


  • The building-up of gas pressure

Porta Potti can be a trendy alternative to conventional toilets. It is a composting toilet that consumes less water and doesn’t require electricity.

It requires an adjacent septic system or sewer and it must be emptied each day. It’s not it’s the best composting toilet system due to the daily emptying process however it is an impressive product.

Stansport Portable Camp Toilet

Stansport is the most affordable Travel Toilet for RVs and camping.

Stansport Easy-Go Portable Camp Toilet (273-100) 14" L x 14" W x 14" H
  • Bathroom ON-THE-GO Take the comfort of a commode wherever you need with this...
  • The Sanitary Alternative Not only will you raise yourself off of the ground...
  • Comfortable Full-Size Seat Though this chamber pot is meant for the outdoors, it...
  • Built-In Handles For Easy Carrying The sturdy construction of the base is...
  • Disposable Sanitary Bags Included Only one disposable sanitary bag is included...

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We have picked this as the most affordable composting toilet for a tiny house.

When you envision the idea of a composting toilet, you assume that it will be able to decompose inside.

However, there are alternatives to conserve water and power. Stansport is a great illustration. Stansport doesn’t immediately remove the waste in your home but it can help safeguard your groundwater.

It offers a straightforward way to dispose of waste instead of the waste being thrown into sewers or landfills. This beautiful toilet can be installed on your plumbing. You can also use it outdoors. It’s easier (and more sanitary) than standing on the ground. It’s also compact and measures about 1 cubic foot.

Stansport Portable Stansport Portable is especially suitable for traveling with small children. But, you might be anxious while waiting for your next stop.

Even if you locate one, you could be worried that public restroom bacteria could be infecting your kids and you. Utilize your own portable that has been disinfected.

The commode which is the form of a bin could hold 350 pounds. of garbage. It can be used in conjunction with a lining bag purchased that is available at Stansport.

Stansport store. Once the bag is full and you are done, flush it into the traditional toilet or at an appropriate human waste disposal site. For instance, you could make a hole in the ground to dispose of solid trash during your camping trip.


  • Convenient size
  • Convenient handles
  • Reduces the use of electricity and water.
  • Affordable


  • If you are planning to compost the waste from your toilet then you should first treat it.

The portable toilet can be great for long-distance trips and camping excursions. However, it does not come with composters that are built-in, and you’ll be dealing with a lot of waste. Therefore, don’t forget to wear gloves, and clean your hands using soap that is antibacterial.

Camco 41541 Travel Toilet

Camco 41541 is a small composting toilet for vans: Our lightest travel composting toilet

Camco 5.3-Gallon Portable Travel Toilet | Features Detachable Holding Tank w/Sealing Slide Valve & Bellow-Type Flush | Easy Transport w/Compact Lightweight Design & Carry Handle | Gray (41541)
  • Portable Travel Toilet: Provides a convenient bathroom spot while on-the-go;...
  • Stops Leaks and Odors: The locking lid helps stop spills and the sealing slide...
  • Easy to Flush: An easy-to-use bellow-type flush and pull slide valve provide...
  • Size: Measures 16 7/8-inches (H) x 14-inches (W) x 16 ¼-inches (D); Durable...
  • Includes: (1) portable toilet and (3) individual TST Orange Drop-Ins

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The biggest drawback is time pressure. Additionally, the tank isn’t as large as a normal composting toilet, and then you’d have to empty it regularly.

Additionally, it isn’t possible to place it on top of a normal toilet that is sunk because it includes a holding tank. It is simpler to maintain than other portable toilets.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong handles
  • Made from strong plastic
  • Easy to wash
  • Affordable


  • Solid waste and liquids are not separate from each other.

Composting Toilet Buying Guide

Best Composting Toilet for a Tiny House
What is the Best Composting Toilet for a Tiny House?

Find out whether you can determine if a composting toilet will function in your region prior to purchasing one. Self-contained systems and split/central systems are the two kinds that are available, and although each breaks down waste, they work in different ways and have different requirements.

The Self-Contained System

The self-contained system includes a tiny toilet that has a tank that can be removed and a drain that is liquid for the disposal of waste.

Some self-contained units are portable and are ideal for trips to the beach or on boat travel. They are also able to be set up in locations in which plumbing isn’t readily available for example, garages or workshops.

As the name suggests, the entire composting process occurs inside the toilet. Once the tank is full take it out and empty the manure. Tanks for freshwater or supply lines can be found as part of these systems to let waste out into the chamber below.

Central System or Split System

Composting toilets connected to an integrated or split system is comparable to traditional toilets. They are connected to a network of pipes that transport waste to a central bio drum, tank, or hopper in which it is composted.

The waste is then churned up in the hopper, allowing it to break down while emitting odorless gases. When the tank has reached capacity then empty it like a toilet that is self-contained.

Because split systems need the use of a hopper that is usually placed under the toilet, they’re considerably more expensive than self-contained composters.

The hoppers can be helpful as they boost how much compost you can be stored.

These composting toilets can be an interesting alternative to permanent and top recycling toilets that are suitable for off-grid or environmentally conscious homes But their design renders them ineffective for use on the move.

Available Space

Composting toilets require a small amount of space on the ground than regular toilets. Additionally, they do not have an extra tank for holding to manage. Find a smaller version with an encapsulated waste tank, when you’re building your own tiny house or boat.

If space for the installation of a split system is available, the larger capacity of holding could be worth the expense. Incorporating a hopper into places like cottages and garages could be possible.The installation of tanksoutside is an option in warmer climates.

Composting vs. Portable

While portable toilets and composting toilets may appear identical but there are some significant differences. Microorganisms break down human wastes in composting toilets.

They differentiate between solids and liquids which allows bacteria to digest organic chemicals that are present in both. Humanure can be used to build up the lawn or garden after it is composted. The process of composting produces an end product that fertilizes the soil and supplies plant nutrients.

This isn’t the case with portable toilets. All waste is put into one tank for portable toilets and the liquids and particles cannot be separated.

After adding the enzymes, deodorizers, and other detergents into the tanks to disintegrate particles and reduce the odors, the product has to be removed by a sewage or septic system.

Although portable toilets are great for boating and camping they’re not appropriate for permanent homes like mobile homes or small houses.

The Capacity of the Tank

If you are searching for your best composting toilet, consider the number of people who will be using it. This will allow you to estimate the number of tanks you’ll require. Manufacturers typically categorize this according to the number of family members as well as the purpose of use.

The split system with a large tank, for instance, could manage the consumption from three people or five people however, an individual composting toilet with a five-gallon tank will suffice for one adult.

It is believed that through the proper design of the tank, waste has enough time to break down into manure prior to filling up.

Use of a Utility

The aerobic bacteria which break down waste need a lot of oxygen that is plentiful throughout the air. A fan that draws air into the tank and then across to the trash is run by electric power in particular composting toilets.

The fan also releases carbon dioxide created by the bacteria into the air. There are many functions that can be performed are performed using a 110V system at the home, while some use 12V DC and 110V AC from a car or RV battery.

A water line could be needed to run a composting toilet. Although it might seem odd that water-using composting toilets consume much less water per flush than a standard home toilet.

There are waterless and non-electric toilets that are available, so take into consideration your household’s utility plan and budget when you choose the right toilet.

Odor Elimination

The gases are produced by microorganisms living that life in the composting toilet evacuated. Otherwise, smells can appear and the function of the bacteria could be impaired because of a lack of oxygen.

The air-drawing blower that is inserted into the tank on certain versions also pulls gas out from the vent, thus removing smells. After every use, sprinkle organic materials, like sawdust, over the waste to mask the smell and allow the bacteria to digest the solids.

We’ve created an inventory of the best composting toilet for a tiny houses. Each toilet is selected and designed to be able to perform continuously and be moved around without spills if you choose to take your home to the highway.


How Does a Composting Toilet Work in a Tiny House?

They function by mixing the solids with other dry substances like peat moss or coconut coir in order to transform the material into compost. To aid in composting and removing the smell, composting toilets usually include a urinary-diverting system that separates urine from solids.

Is There a Composting Toilet You Don’t Have to Empty?

Nature’s Head composting toilets are self-contained systems that divert waste from the main composting chamber. A waterless option is an ideal option for those who live in small homes or in RVs and houseboats.

What Kind of Toilets Do Tiny Homes Use?

After attempting nearly all kinds of tiny house toilet options, our suggestion is to go with a traditional flushing toilet or a high-quality name composting toilet. If you’re looking for compostable toilets, select an option that is commonly installed toilets for a tiny house builder

How Often Do Composting Toilets Need to be Emptied?

In general, two regularly use the space will require emptying every 3 weeks. Adding additional users will cut down the duration. If you are only using it on weekends with two people it could prolong the period to 2 months or longer. Even a few days without use extends the duration of duration.

How Does a Waterless Composting Toilet Work?

A waterless toilet employs simple mechanisms that require the use of no other components. This model only requires sunlight and wind to convert human waste into compost-like material. If you use the bathroom, your waste will be disposed of in a small composting chamber underneath the bowl.

How Does a Non-Electric Composting Toilet Work?

Composting toilets make use of aerobic decomposition to eliminate human waste rather than flushing it into the form of watery wastewater. They don’t require water whatsoever, therefore they aren’t connected to a municipal sewer or septic tank.

Best Composting Toilet for a Tiny House (Summary)

Composting toilets aren’t just for small homes and travel they can also be used in your own home as regular toilets in order to reduce your water bill and also be eco-friendly.

The most important thing to remember is the fact that toilets aren’t inexpensive! Although they look basic they are expensive to use. We’re in the middle of the whole “going green” issue right moment. The model is apparently being taxed which is not fair.

What is the Best Composting Toilet for a Tiny House? Nature’s Head composting toilet model however is the most affordable model with real-world quality. Additionally, it has a tiny footprint. The model’s spider handle is just 18 inches (W) and 17.75 (L) (L) in floor area (allowing some more inches to move the handle with ease). If you’re creating a tiny house or RV, this model is one to look at.

We recommend this toilet as it’s durable. It’s built to last and comes with five years of warranty.

We hope that the reviews listed above can help you decide whether you’d prefer to move to composting toilets or stay in your regular toilets.


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