Boxabl IPO Date: When Is Boxabl Going Public?

Boxabl is a home construction firm that creates and delivers modular homes that are complete and can be built on-site. Boxabl was established by Galiano Tiramani and Paolo Tiramani. The company is known for its crowdfunding investment strategy which has helped raise over $3 million.

When Is Boxabl Going Public? The company’s website states its plans as “In the future, we intend to go public through IPO, SPAC, or direct listing.” The company’s statements shouldn’t be taken as indicating that the company is actively pursuing or avoiding Boxabl IPO date.

The company, based out of Las Vegas, reports that its manufacturing facility is capable of producing one home every 90 minutes and is predicting $180 million in revenue per year.

Boxabl’s most popular product Casita, its home, is shipped to California for just $50,000 and is able to be built in less than an hour. Boxabl is a post-money company with a value of $2.5 billion.

Boxabl IPO date: When Is Boxabl Going Public?

With a well-known company like Boxabl, I’ve seen numerous investors speculate on when the company might go public. But, it is possible that we are able to have more of a timeline now following some recent remarks made by the chief executive.

Galiano is typically extremely engaged on social media. He responds to investor questions with enthusiasm by providing more information, and generally being extremely accessible to inquiries from investors and questions.

When Is Boxabl Going Public?Boxabl IPO date isn’t yet set. As you can see, they do not plan for an IPO until they build their next billion-dollar manufacturing facility and build around 20k houses every year (roughly one billion of revenue).

There are several things that are involved in this:

  • Submitting an application to IPO and completing the necessary documentation
  • Funding $1 Billion for their factory
  • In the process of achieving the level of 20,000 homes per year

They can now begin their journey towards IPO and going public anytime they wish to, meaning there will not cause a lot of delays.

It typically takes anywhere from six to a month until the point at which they begin to attempt the IPO until they are able to IPO. The reason for this is due to the variety of administrative burdens, and also how fast they can get things accomplished.

If they believe they’re nearing the 20,000 home mark, or are on track to reach it, they just need to complete the documents and IPO once they feel they’re in the right place.

The other two elements provide a timeline for the possible future.

Boxabl has become a household name in the world of equity crowdfunding which is controlled by thousands of regular investors who have put down hundreds of millions of dollars.

The JOBS Act opened up startup investing globally which means anyone is able to invest.

Naturally, this draws in many people of different backgrounds.

This is because there are many people who do not have any prior experience in investing and are more or less investing in startups to fully-fledged angel investors searching for high-quality deal flow.

This isn’t necessarily a negative thing because it’s never too to be too late to discover something new or improve your knowledge however, since investing in startups isn’t an everyday thing it’s not like there are any resources available to those who don’t know about the private markets or investing in start-ups.

Raising funds

They’ve been on an effort to bring in $1 billion for a number of months and have made great improvements on this front however, they could be a long way off.

In the event of VC funding and other traditional avenues being cut this could delay plans a little. As the market begins to show positive signs of returning, it isn’t known what the VC aspect of the market will develop.

But, it appears they have raised $110 million so far according to Galiano and even though they have made enormous numbers in progress, they need to work on their fundraising.

The reality is that they have the potential to raise $1 billion however it’s going to take time and will depend on the market overall.

Most funds reduce risky investments such as VC and start-ups first during economic downturns. If things begin to go smoothly again, it may speed things up.

If we’re on the edge of an economic downturn, it may require a couple of years before we can get the total $1 billion.

If companies aren’t IPOing or launching, then VC funds aren’t earning any profit and therefore have little to invest. If, however, IPOs begin to come back in the near future, it’s probable that VC funds will also.

At the very minimum, it could last until the end of 2022 as well as some of 2023 to be getting there.

The Factory

The next stage is creating and establishing an industrial facility. This is a million square feet of space which means it could take a little longer to build than the previous ones however they are in need, so it shouldn’t take that is too long.

If I could guess, after it becomes clear that they will raise $1 billion in funding, they will start construction of the factory or look for a building that meets their needs, and begin signing an agreement to lease.

It will probably take only some months to move everything in, and I’d expect that they will be operating in their new facility by the mid of 2024. They would be manufacturing new houses.

1 billion in income

However, I’m not certain if this is because they have the capacity to construct 20000 houses actually been built the equivalent of 20,000 homes, or are in the process of building 20,000 homes.

For instance, if their new mega-factory resulted in a production figure of more than 60 Boxabls per day, is that sufficient, before they begin planning for an IPO?

In any case, this will add between one to two months or one full year to the timeline due to the fact that they need to put processes in place, bring on employees, and make sure that they’re hitting their goals of 60 Boxes per day.

Their Current Raise

If you’re not aware They are currently raising money funds on StartEngine or on their website (

Boxabl Funding Rounds and IPO Valuation

DateFunding RoundFunding RaisedPrice per ShareIPO Valuation
9/28/2022Series A-2$74.33MM raised$XXX.XX$XXX.XX
11/13/2021Series A-1$47.78MM raised$XXX.XX$XXX.XX
12/2/2020Series A$3.8MM raised

Who are Boxabl’s major investors?

MSA Capital

Blazing Equity

BlueField Capital

Dalmore Group

Giant Ventures


RG Holding

500 Group

Global FinTech Venture Partners

Boxabl Stock Price Today

Boxabl share price history The price history of Boxabl shares is not available. The share price for Boxabl will be announced when it goes public.

Here are some similar public corporations: Blade (NASDAQ: BLDE), Fast Radius (NASDAQ: FSRD), Joby Aviation (NYSE: JOBY), Procore Technologies (NYSE: PCOR), Rocket Lab (NASDAQ: RKLB).

Boxabl Stock Forcast 2025

The 3 analysts providing twelve-month forecasts of the price of Boxlight Corp have a median price of 1.75 and an estimation of 2.00 and the lowest estimation of 1.50. The median estimate is an +517.50 percentage increase from the previous cost of 0.28.


Does Boxabl plan to go public?

The company plans to go public soon, which means you are able to purchase shares. It could be as an IPO or an alternative public offering. More than 60,000 people have stayed at Casitas and brought in more than one billion dollars annually in revenue to the hotel.

Are you sure that Boxabl is a publically traded business?

Boxabl is a privately owned company that is not listed through the NYSE and NASDAQ in the U.S. To purchase pre-IPO shares in an unlisted company it is necessary to have an investor certificate.

What is Boxabl’s ticker symbol?

Boxabl has not yet an officially recognized ticker symbol due to the fact that it is still a private company. Sign up today to meet the Private Market Experts at Boxabl and find out more about the latest investment opportunities before the IPO.

What is the prediction for Boxabl stock?

Twelve forecasts are provided for each month in 2027, for the Boxabl stock forecast for 2027. (5 years) With an average forecast of $0.34. A high estimation of $0.53 and a low one of $0.24. The 2027 average Boxabl stock price forecast for Boxabl stock is an -30.85 percent decline from the latest price.

How many outstanding shares does Boxabl have?

The authorized amount of security is 20,251,698, with an aggregate of 18,661,052outstanding shares.

Bottom Line: Boxabl IPO date

When Is Boxabl Going Public? In light of the uncertainty of markets and possible negatives, I believe Boxabl might be preparing an IPO at some point in the latter half of 2024 or even mid-2025 in the real world.

If the current recession lasted for more than a year and it could last slightly longer than that. There is a possibility that things will turn around and they can raise money faster and IPO from mid-2024 to early 2024.

The primary obstacle will be raising the entire $1 billion. But, once they have that they could offer an IPO for several times their current price and be able to go public at an estimated $10 billion-plus valuation. Everyone could earn an acceptable profit within a well-established and solid business.

Box hasn’t announced the date of its first public sale (IPO) program. However, the company did announce the possibility of purchasing its shares for those who want to purchase Boxabl shares prior to the IPO.

Boxabl posted on Twitter the fact that its shares will be on sale at a price of US$ 0.8 each. A minimum amount in the amount of US$ $1,000 is needed for the purchase of its shares.

On June 30, 2021, the boxabl’s cash, cash equivalents, and other assets were valued at US$ 6.3 million compared to US$ 3.7 million in 2020. In the first quarter of the previous year, the value of all assets had risen by US$ 14.4 million from US$ 4.8 million in 2020.


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