Top 10 Boxabl Casita Alternatives (Boxabl Competitors)

Boxabl is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was founded in the year 2017 by Galiano Tiramani and Paolo Tiramani.

Boxabl is a revolutionary manufacturing company that is revolutionizing the way we think about office spaces, homes, and structures. The company designs homes with modular panels, which allows you to build and disassemble them at your own site.

Also called Boxabl Casita, these constructions are built quicker than any other traditional structure.

The company’s goal is to provide low-cost, environmentally friendly, and affordable housing solutions for mobile companies as well as homeowners.

If you’re considering modular homes that can be stacked You should put Boxabl homes on your wish list.

At the same time, you need to be aware of the other players on the market to make an informed decision. So who are the Boxabl’s rivals?

Boxabl Competitors: Top 10 Boxabl Casita Alternatives

Boxabl Casita alternatives (Boxabl competitors) are some of the most reputable companies for housing solutions that build prefabricated homes. In this article, we have researched and found the 10 best Boxabl Casita competitors.

Boxable competitors include:

  • Factory_OS
  • Blokable – – Reimagining housing creation
  • Homma Housing for the Community
  • Plant Prefab Homes (PPH) Modules for the plant and panels
  • Dvele – Eco-friendly and customizable homes
  • Method Homes – Diverse modular housing
  • Blu Homes – Award-winning designs
  • Connect Homes – Sustainable architecture and designs
  • Baya Build – Configure your model home
  • Mighty Buildings

If you are a homeowner or a business owner Understanding the products of Boxabl competitors will influence the decision-making process for renting or buying prefab homes.

This guide will provide all the information you need to know about Boxabl and its related companies, and their offerings.

The method by the competition of Boxabl is determined based on public information. Information such as order preorders Instagram customers, sales, employees, and all other factors that are in between are considered.

Companies already selling homes, those who are in the stage of pre-launch, or home builders will be taken into the mix.

In addition, considering that Boxable is likely to earn the majority of its revenue in its home in the United States (due to extremely expensive shipping charges) Only local competition is considered.

In the end, this report must not be interpreted as an endorsement of any business or product. It is merely an overview of the competition Boxabl has to face today.

Let’s begin!

What Is The Best Boxabl Casita Alternatives?


The Headquarters of Factory_OS is in Vallejo, California. Factory_OS was established in the year 2017 by Larry Pace, and Rick Holliday in the year of 2017.

Factory_OS creates modular components in an assembly line offsite situated on Mare Island – ironically the same place where U.S. Navy ships were constructed in World War II.

Factory_OS’s co-founder Rick Holiday, a real estate professional with over forty years of experience has seen firsthand how inefficient and expensive housing development could become throughout America. United States.

The company claims it is able to design and build multi-family houses 40 to 50 percent faster and at 20-40 percent lower cost.

The homes are constructed completely off-site and then assembled only once they are delivered to the client’s site.

For instance, the firm has joined forces with Autodesk to let its designers develop efficient and better-performing modules.

Autodesk along with other major players like Google, Meta, and Citi Bank, has invested more than $77 million in the business.

In actual fact, Google became the first company to make a request for 500 homes. Factory_OS estimates that it will create as many as 3,000 homes per year. At the moment, 500 people work for Factory_OS.

Blokable – Reinventing the process of housing creation

Established in 2016, Blokable is a specialist in the design and construction of modular housing using its modular development vertically integrated platform.

Blokable analyzes and designs affordable and sustainable housing solutions.

With its unique method of building houses, Blokable aims to provide affordable housing that is accessible for those who require these homes.

Blokable is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and offers homes that are customizable for its customers.

Blokable has been awarded an award from the Fast Company World Changing Idea Award in Urban Design and General Excellence.

In focusing on the housing needs of people without compromising cost The company’s goal is to:

  • You can achieve affordable housing regardless of your income
  • Design structures for commercial operations that are energy-efficient communities.
  • Make use of housing to create employment for communities that are disadvantaged.

Blokable houses are built using these components in mind, putting Blokable at the top of their list of Boxabl competitors.

Blokable provides energy-efficient and low-cost structures at a low cost and with zero energy. They also have excellent access, which makes it easy to move between kitchen rooms, living spaces, as well as other subassemblies.

It’s a good choice if you’re interested in homes that have a flexible architectural design.

It was founded in the year 2000 by Timothy Miller, Nelson Rio as well and Aaron Holm, the company currently has more than 35 people employed and been able to raise more than $30.4 million over 12 investment rounds.

Blokable receives funding from 27 investors, including Dennis Joyce and The Syndicate as their most recent investors.

Homma – Housing for the Community

Homma is a community-focused housing firm that is focused on meeting contemporary requirements for housing with a mix of architecture and technology. Homma aims to build urban areas that meet the requirements of multifamily homes.

Homeowners can access specific products and finishes to make their homes to suit their preferences.

It was established by Takeshi Homma in 2014, the business offers rentals to those living in expensive cities who wish to move to a lower-cost family-friendly home that has minimal costs for energy.

Its unique style combines design and modern features to meet the needs of modern-day housing. Homma similar to Boxabl, is a sturdy modular home that is able to withstand extreme conditions.

If you’re thinking of an oriented family home, Homma might be a better choice.

Homma’s house designs have been hand-crafted and very simple. The houses offer a perfect balance of security and creativity amazing lighting, as well as accessibility to transportation.

There are offices located in Silicon Valley, Tokyo (Japan), Oregon, and Portland The company employs just under 50 employees. Homma has acquired $31.9 million through 38 investors throughout its rounds of investment.

Plant Prefab Homes (PPH) Modules for the plant and panels

Steve Glenn founded Plant Prefab Homes in 2005. the company’s mission was to build houses faster than other companies. PPH utilizes modern manufacturing processes to deliver faster housing solutions.

From the production of materials to the design of housing The company is adept at 360-degree operations.

PPH offers a unique approach to using its patented Plant Building System (PBS) which utilizes panels and plant modules to offer designers, contractors, and assemblers the necessary support to ensure speedy execution.

Plant Prefab Homes also has a re-speciation plan that allows it to rebuild its resource bank in order to ensure smooth operation.

Plant Prefab Homes also mentions that it provides an inspection process for all of the required third-party organizations for homes.

Plant Prefab may be a better choice than its rivals in the event that you’re thinking about traditional home structures.

Though Plant Prefab and Boxabl are both well-known for their traditional frame designs, Plant Prefab tilts toward giving customers conventional designs that have excellent exterior and interior frameworks.

The company’s total investment total is $38.6 million. It has 19 investors throughout its rounds.

Dvele – Eco-friendly and customizable homes

In 2017 Brothers Kris as well as Kurt Goodjohn founded Dvele Home to offer luxurious prefab homes. The company manufactures its luxurious houses in a specially-designed manufacturing facility.

Although it’s still relatively young The company has been awarded many awards for its cutting-edge design and the latest technology in the construction of homes.

Dvele customers also have access to custom homes, based on their preferred designs for both exterior and interior finishes.

Additionally, the company invests in environmentally friendly structures and makes sure that this is reflected in its operations.

Dvele like many of its competitors has some resemblances with Boxabl one of which is that both firms are experts in the production of durable, luxurious designs. Yet, Boxable ranks ahead of Dvele in the area of affordability and cost-effectiveness.

The disadvantage is that Dvele’s prefab homes could be priced as high as $670,000.

Method Homes – Diverse modular housing

The company was founded by Brian Abrahamson, Method Homes is a real estate contract developer who specializes in customized prefabricated structures.

Method Homes was established in the year 2007 and has since won numerous awards for its projects.

The developer designs a modular structure for the housing of each project to ensure optimal time of delivery and quality.

The private firm set a $180-350 for square feet of home projects. When you are working on a project the company hires top designers and planners to build modern prefab houses that are in line with modern needs.

The plant is located in Washington and is used to complete the majority of the company’s projects. The portfolio of the company includes a variety of models that are already in use, like Cabin Series M Series, HOMB Series, Elemental Series, and Paradigm Series.

Method Homes also has a similar policy on environmental protection to Boxabl, and both firms invest heavily in aesthetics.

However, Boxabl is still the best choice for small homes that have a durable and uncompromising design.

Blu Homes – Award-winning designs

Today, being owned by Dvele, Blu Homes is a construction company with a track record of excellence that has built thousands of houses for Californian homeowners. Blu Homes played a role in the start of the Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) period.

Before Blu Homes was acquired, Blu Homes provided sustainable modular constructions that were based on modern design and cutting-edge technology.

Some of the most sought-after projects include Origin 1900, Cabana 600, Origin 1000, and Breezehouse 2100. Breezehouse 2100 is one of them.

The Breezehouse project covers an that is 2,100 square feet. It is by far the most well-known, with an initial cost of $625,000.

Blu Homes builds houses with lots of space. From large kitchens to a large dining area The structures for housing are usually designed to accommodate the concept of open living spaces.

A majority of the housing developments are also expensive, particularly when compared in conjunction with Boxabl’s standard housing constructions. This is why Boxable is ahead of Blu Homes in terms of affordability.

Connect Homes – Sustainable architecture and designs

Jared Levy and Gordon Scott established Connect Homes to create a professional platform for developers creating modern housing developments for communities.

Connect Homes creates highly precise designs for factories that can be modified and customized to meet the needs of different communities.

While the company can complete most projects in a fraction of the time as the traditional method. However, these projects can take as long as 20 months to finish due to the complex structure of the platform.

Connect Homes provides customers with more than 15 models. These models can be tailored to different requirements in housing, ranging from one-story to multi-bedroom houses.

Prior to entering the construction of prefab homes, The founders had started an architecture company, Marmol, earlier in their careers.

The lessons learned from the firm have proved beneficial in developing sustainable designs that fulfill a range of prefab needs.

Similar to Boxabl’s Casita Connect Homes’ housing structures are small and simple to ship and build. Connect Homes offers a broad variety of designs and is an ideal choice when you’re in search of an affordable housing solution.

Baya Build – Configure your model home

James Casper’s aim in the creation of Baya Build when he founded Baya Build was to offer developers the ability to visualize their home plans.

Imagine a tech company that provides powerful configuration features that allow you to design your own home within just a few minutes. This is exactly the way Baya Build operates.

Baya Build is an innovative platform that lets you take the ideas that are in your mind and translate them into modern-day home designs.

After you’ve designed your dream home using the configurator, it is possible to provide all the necessary documents required for permits, assembly on-site, and delivery. Once your home is approved, you’ll get an official Certificate of occupancy.

The configurator is a standout characteristic that the software offers. From kitchens to bathrooms, you can design spaces and designs based on your preferences within minutes.

Baya Build’s homes are extremely efficient traditional designs designed to fit into a modern-day community. The building materials used to construct the foundations are also waterproof and the exteriors of the houses can be used in a variety of locations.

There are various flooring options, painting alternatives as well as other options. Apart from the simple construction The company also employs strong construction materials and paint that lasts for a lifetime.

Although Baya Build offers cutting-edge designs similar to Boxabl, they aren’t able to measure with regard to the price and quality of their products. Boxabl surpasses Baya Build in terms of its small house prototype and ADU.

Mighty Buildings

Headquarters of Mighty Buildings is in Oakland, California. The company was founded in 2017 by Alexey Dubov, Dmitry Starodubtsev, Sam Ruben, and Vyacheslav Solonitsyn back in 2017.

Mighty Buildings creates 3D-printed homes that use 95 percent less work hours and consume more resources than conventionally constructed homes. For example, a 350-square-foot studio could be built in just 24 hours, according to the company.

In comparison to Boxabl, the constructions of its counterpart are typically bigger in terms of dimension. The main model is its Mighty Quatro, which is an 1176-square-foot house that has two bedrooms and bathrooms.

In contrast to other companies that are listed, Mighty Buildings tries to address the supply chain and production issues through the establishment of micro-factories across the country and by creating strategic alliances with select suppliers.

Each micro-factory can produce as many as 300 homes a year. However, it also has a major manufacturing facility located in Oakland which covers 79,000 square. ft. in size.

In one instance, the company has partnered together with Palari Group to create the world’s very first 3D-printed Zero Net Energy neighborhoods. The 15 houses in the neighborhood were sold in a matter of days.

In the second quarter of 2021, the company raked in contracted revenue that was $7.9 million. The company is supported by a variety of organizations, including Khosla Ventures, as well as Y Combinator, and has raised the sum of $101 million in venture funding.

Where is the second factory of Boxabl?

Boxabl recently celebrated the grand opening ceremony for its second manufacturing facility located in North Las Vegas.

Boxabl’s founders Paolo as well as Galiano Tiramani were joined by North Las Vegas government officials to assist employees in marking the momentous occasion. This new building will enable Boxabl to boost the production of its 375-ft.

What is the minimum to invest in Boxabl?

Do you have a certificate of investment and who is interested in an investment in Boxabl? Boxabl has been offering shares of private ownership of the company to purchase.

In the near future, the company will be listed on the market through the use of IPO, SPAC, or direct listing. Think about making an investment in Boxabl Boxabl at a price of $0.80 per share, with a minimum investment being $25,000.

What is the Boxabl strategy?

The aim for Boxabl is to dramatically cut the cost of housing by making construction compatible with mass production.

We see a tremendous chance to move our world from construction by hand, to utilizing the same manufacturing principles we apply to all our other products of modernity.

How much does Boxabl cost in the US?

The estimated cost is calculated based on the module’s cost of $49,500, a $2/mile shipping cost to Las Vegas, and site expenses that, depending on the location of your site and the extent of your project, could vary between $5,000 and $50,000+. The cost of the land as well as any home renovations do not count in the estimation.

Final Thoughts On Boxabl casita alternatives

Other than the ones mentioned in the above list, there are a lot of other prefab builders who did not make it to the list. In reality, there are many new companies emerging as Boxabl competitors across the country to capitalize on the fast-growing trend of housing.

Other prefab companies are Wheelhaus, Allwood, weeHouse, Ecocor, Ideabox, House Port, and plenty of others.

However, there are increasingly more architectural firms helping customers create similar houses. One of the biggest companies that offer this service is Sander Architects.

Boxabl additionally, competes with any real estate agent that manages the construction of homes.

While Boxabl homes offer a variety of advantages for homeowners, getting the best deal requires understanding the tricks and strategies.

Knowing what you should look for and where to help you locate affordable homes that meet your requirements.

Begin by looking at Boxabl competitors to assess and contrast offerings and deliverables. After that, you can review the ways these companies meet the needs of customers and their preferences.

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