8 Best Bidet With Dryer And Remote [Reviews & Top Picks]

Best Bidet Toilet Seats With Remote and Air Dryer: Reviews & Buyers Guide

The best bidet with dryer and remote makes your bathroom more comfortable. Explore the selection of the top bidets with remotes and dryers that come with warm air dryers specifically designed to make your rear dry in a matter of seconds!

If you’re looking for an electric toilet seat equipped with an air dryer, you’re in the right spot.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process and explain the seat we think is the most effective bidet toilet that comes with a dryer.

If your toilet paper feels like sandpaper to you, or you’d like to lessen your use of toilet paper and a bidet that has dryer functions is the one you’ll need.

These kinds that are made of bidets are safe and gentle on the skin. they are not all the same.

I’ve looked at some of the most effective bidets available products available and here are the top 8 bidets and dryers that actually work for the year.

Take a look by clicking the button and then evaluating it yourself.

Table of 8 Best Bidet With Dryer And Remote

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Why Choose a Bidet With Dryer and Remote?

The warmer air dryer can be an essential component in making a bidet experience completely hands-free.

The dryer is located at the rear of the seat and is powered by a tiny fan. The fan draws air from the outside of the bowl via a heater that allows you to alter the temperature of the air.

We’ve all had times when we wish that toilet paper wasn’t so rough on our numb areas.

In addition to the growing price of toilet paper, and it is true that it has diminished over time (no it’s not just making up your mind!) it’s not unusual to wish to get rid of the necessity to purchase the use of toilet paper.

But washing your tush with the aid of a bidet can leave you wet, meaning you need to clean it after using the bidet.

That’s where the bidet that has a dryer is needed:

Advantages of a Dryer

Bidet seats are a more gentle and more hygienic option in place of toilet paper specifically for those suffering from hemorrhoids or anal fissures or fistulas in the anal.

It might take some time to get familiar with, however after you’ve tried the dryer on the seat of your bidet, it can eliminate the necessity for toilet paper completely.

It provides the freedom to use your hands and is perfect for those who have mobility problems, seniors, or people who are unable to bend in order to access your toilet roll.

Additionally, a shower with a dryer is an ideal option, especially for people who want to be environmentally conscious.

Disadvantages of a Dryer

If your area of the nether is prone to irritation, you could discover thatthe warm air can aggravate itand causes more discomfort.

In this instance, run the dryer in an environment that is cooler.

What Should You Look for in a Bidet With a Dryer?

The dryer is a great feature but it’s not necessarily the only thing to take into consideration.

Consider the following scenarios:

Heat Settings

The majority of bidet dryers utilize the warmth of air in order to dry out your bottom. They have small fans of warm air located next to the water nozzle, which can be shut and opened after you turn it on.

If you’re looking to set the temperature make sure you choose a high-end bidet that has a dryer. You can choose from a range of settings for water and air settings.

Power Setting

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to find a bidet drying device that allows you to alter the power.

More power means a more rounded appearance towards forward, something that is particularly crucial for females.

Nozzle Types

Bidet seat nozzles could be stainless steel or made of plastic as well as single-nozzle or dual-nozzle.

There’s always the chance of plastic breaking due to the nature of the material, but stainless steel can beextremely durable.

The nozzles of both types can oscillate and provide a variety of options for washing both the posterior and feminine wash.

There are bidets that have self-cleaning nozzles. These stop the build-up of bacteria, which keeps your toilet clean.

Heated or Cold Water

Electric bidets can contain reservoirs for heating water and water heaters built-in or you’ll need them to join the hot-water line.

Bidet seats also permit you to select a temperature that is most suitable for your requirements.

The only drawback is when the toilet has an in-line reservoir that is regularly utilized. It could take a while before the water temperature is enough to satisfy your needs.

The 8 Best Bidet With Dryer And Remote

Our expert team has picked the bellow bidets as the best bidet with dryers and remotes that feature a range of options from luxurious complete with bells and whistles to economical options with fewer extra amenities.

Toto S550E – Luxury Bidet With Dryer

TOTO SW3056#01 S550E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Cleansing Warm, Nightlight, Auto Open and Close Lid, Instantaneous Water Heating, and EWATER+, Elongated Contemporary, Cotton White
  • A REFRESHING CLEAN FOR EVERYONE - Instant and continuous warm water stream will...
  • STEP INTO A LAVISH STANDARD OF LIVING – Automatic open/close lid provides a...
  • CLEAN INNOVATIONS OFFER PEACE OF MIND - PREMIST helps prevent waste from...
  • EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUENESS - The convenient remote allows users to control and set...
  • EXPERIENCE EVERYDAY EXCELLENCE – 50 Million WASHLET users agree TOTO electric...

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If you’re looking for a luxurious bidet with a dryer The Toto S550E is worth considering.

It makes use of a wireless touchscreen remote, similar to mobile phones to start the dryer and the bidet.

The dryer utilizes warm air to draw out the moisture and water from your face. It permits small temperature adjustments, however, the majority of them are fairly warm.

Another benefit is that you can customize your preferred settings for washing and saving your settings in one of two profiles of memory users. This allows you to make use of the bidet with the push of a button via the remote.

One of the most distinctive features that aren’t found on other products is the fact that the wand automatically cleans itself between each wash and before each wash.

It keeps your toilet tidy and hygienic. In addition, the deodorizer’s auto-activation will eliminate the odors that are natural.

It also has an LED nightlight, but it’s very dim and only comes on in the pre-mist mode. Another issue is the pressure of the water not being enough.


  • Instantly warm water.
  • Automatically shuts and opens the lid automatically.
  • It is possible to store two user settings.
  • The wand self-cleans itself prior to and after each use.
  • Automatic air deodorizer.


  • A close walk could trigger the automatic open/close function.
  • The light in the bowl only is illuminated only when the pre-mist function is activated.
  • The pressure in the water isn’t as strong.
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Brondell Swash SE600 – Mid-Priced With Lots of Features

Brondell Swash SE600 Bidet Toilet Seat, Fits Elongated Toilets, White - Oscillating Stainless-Steel Nozzle, Warm Air Dryer, Ambient Nightlight
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WASH: Vast user settings and one-touch auto mode deliver the most...
  • EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE: This electronic bidet features a heated seat, warm...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This bidet toilet seat measures 20.7” x 14.9” x 6.1”...
  • We design products that help protect our planet’s essential resources. From...

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This bidet comes with a rotating stainless steel nozzle which is self-cleaning for a pleasant hand-free, hygienic, and hands-free experience.

You can use the remote to control the temperature of your seat, the water temperature, as well as water pressure according to your requirements.

After washing, use the fan switch to start an air dryer that is warm.

This is a great option if you are prone to mobility issues or have sensitive skin. Also, it can be adjusted to suit your needs. which eliminates the requirement for toilet paper.

Additionally, an energy-saving eco mode lets the water heater and seat sleep when they are not in use which helps to keep utility costs at a minimum.

In contrast With the Toto, you must activate the deodorizer by hand to eliminate any smells that remain. This is not difficult to remember!

There’s also no profile feature for users that other products have to allow for great customization.


  • Wash settings that can be customized.
  • Power-saving eco-mode.
  • Stainless the nozzle.
  • Heated seat.
  • Warm dryer.


  • The deodorizer won’t turn on automatically.
  • You can’t save your settings of choice.
  • The nozzle usually sprays water out of the bowl.
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Smart Bidet SB1000 – Customizable and Eco-Friendly

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control- Electronic Heated Toilet Seat with Warm Air Dryer and Temperature Controlled Wash Functions
  • Control with remote control
  • Adjustable water pressure (5 levels), water temperature (3 levels) & nozzle...
  • Warm air dryer, adjustable to 5 levels, which eliminates the need for toilet...
  • Energy saving mode, soft closing lid and seat, easy to install
  • Bolt Spread:5.5 inches

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Smart Bidet SB 1000 has five pressure levels for water and three settings for temperature. This is ideal if you have specific preferences.

Additionally, the plastic nozzle offers a wide selection of both the front and posterior wash with five different nozzle positions.

But it’s not as far in the rear as Toto.

The self-cleaning nozzle improves hygiene and cuts down on cleaning time.

This model also has the option of a heated seat as well as an air dryer that is warm for added convenience.

The air dryer comes with five options, giving you additional flexibility.

In addition, the energy-saver mode allows your toilet to be put to sleep when it is it is not being used. This will save you bill and ensures that the water and seat remain warm during winter.

If you use the toilet frequently it will eventually get a lack of warm water. It can require a couple of minutes to warm the water up, and you’ll need patience.

Also, take note that the water hose included is not long. If the water line is located far from the bathroom, it could not be able to reach you.


  • Self-cleaning nozzle.
  • Heated seat.
  • Adjustable settings.
  • Warm dryer.
  • Energy-saving mode.


  • The nozzle isn’t moving in a sufficient direction, according to some of the customers.
  • The water hose is just too small for certain.
  • Hot water in a reservoir could take a couple of minutes to warm up the water.
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Brondell Swash 1400 – Most Customizable Bidet With Dryer Function

Brondell Swash Electric Bidet Toilet Seat With Oscillating Nozzle, Warm Air Dryer, Night Light, Remote Control - Elongated, White
  • ATTENTION TO EVERY DETAIL: The S1400 is crafted to offer a luxurious clean for...
  • CREATE THE RIGHT WASH: Air-mixing technology & variable pressure settings...
  • CONVENIENCE & HYGIENE: Programmable remote; LED nightlight; Quiet gentle-close...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Heated bidet toilet seat includes a 42” power cord to reach...
  • We design products that help protect our planet’s essential resources. From...

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The Brondell Swash 1400 seat for bidets allows you to customize wash settings and save the settings in memory for two persons so that you can make use of the bidet without having to alter settings each time.

You also have the option of choosing from seven different nozzle positions and also adjust the temperature and pressure. There are more options than the choices above. However, the spray times are shorter than other sprayers.

Make use of the remote to start your warm-air dryer. It’s adjustable, which allows you to choose the temperature you want. Unfortunately, the power is quite low, which means it takes some time to dry.

The unique heating technology of the ceramic core ensures a constant flow of warm water. But be aware when you are using it.

Certain customers have reported inconsistencies in the temperature of the water, which can cause a cold shock for your nebulous regions!

As opposed to other bidets which have deodorizers built-in, this one allows you to replace the deodorizer in case you discover that it’s not as effective.


  • Two users can be stored in the same preferences.
  • Replaceable carbon deodorizer.
  • The ceramic heating core.
  • Adjustable spray width.
  • Seven positions for nozzles.


  • The dryer’s power is not sufficient.
  • The temperature of the water doesn’t seem to be consistent.
  • The cycle of spray is very short.
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Bio Bidet USPA 6800 – Multiple Wash Options, Energy Efficient

Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Heated Toilet Seat, Elongated, White
  • DUAL NOZZLE provides a posterior wash for him and feminine for her, improves...
  • SMART SEAT, SMART DECISION Streamlined comfort, adjustable heated seat and...
  • ECO FRIENDLY Energy Save Mode reduce electricity and toilet paper, good for the...
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE-Oscillating wide clean and pulsating message technology with...
  • WE GOT YOU COVERED- 3 year coverage. 36 month coverage for parts and labor

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The Bio Bidet USPA 6800 includes a feminine wash, an upper wash, and pulsating one and a wash for children, and all of them have dual nozzles.

It’s similar to the settings of Toto, however by adding kid’s wash.

As with other bidets that I’ve reviewed, the energy-saving mode helps to make it more efficient particularly when not in use. It will only begin warming the seat once you’ve been seated on it.

The toilet also comes with a dryer. However, you might be disappointed by the fact that the airflow isn’t as high as it should be at the front. It is possible that you will need to utilize toilet paper to eliminate any excess moisture.

Take note that the reservoir for warm water gets cold very quickly, and people have been dissatisfied with the customer service.


  • Energy-saver mode.
  • Dual nozzle.
  • Pulsation with intense impulses.
  • Deodorizer.
  • Heated seat.


  • The air dryer isn’t able to get to the front.
  • The warm water drains quickly.
  • Customer service is a bit shaky.
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BioBidet BB 600 – Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat

Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Bidet Toilet Seat, adjustable Heated Seat and Freshwater, Dual Nozzle Sprayer, Posterior Feminine Wash, Elongated
  • WATER DOES IT BETTER – Choose from a variety of settings including rear wash...
  • ULTIMATE BATHROOM UPGRADE - Sit down to a comfortable heated bidet toilet seat...
  • UNLIMITED WARM WATER - Adjust water pressure, water temperature and nozzle...
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERY BODY - Reduce the need for toilet paper with the built-in...
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Upgrade your bathroom in minutes with a home bidet, no...

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Bio Bidet is known to produce some of the top electronic bidets and they’re no exception. Thebio bidet BB 600is not an exception. It’s not the most luxurious of their seats, it’s situated in the luxury section, which is the next level over their top seats.

The bb600 is our number one choice for the most effective bidet toilet seat, so read on to discover the reason…

Built for luxury, designed for luxury, the BIO BIDET BB-600 is fully covered with the aforementioned. It is comprised of rear and front warm water cleansing, which is adjustable to fit your preference.

The BB 600 lets you adjust the water pressure and temperature of the water. It also lets you adjust to get an ideal wash you can adjust you can adjust the location of the nozzle to get the perfect wash.

By pressing one button after cleaning, you will get a gentle warm air dryer with three built-in bidet settings you can select from to determine the most suitable temperature for your personal comfort.

Its heated, soft-closing seat is comfortable and relaxing at a temperature you can control.

The ultimate Bb600 by Bio bidet is an entry-level, electronic bidet toilet seat that’s not only the best-selling bidet seat on Amazon.com.

With the many features and the security that is backed by Bio Bidet technology, We are confident that they’ll be the top choice for quite some time to come.


  • Warm Air Dryer Abilities.
  • Adjustable temperature of the water along with air temp and pressure of water.
  • The heated seat is cooled by a slow-closing lid as well as a seat.
  • Two-year warranty
  • Maximum weight rated 400 pounds


  • There is no night light.
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Toto sw2034 01 c100 Washlet

TOTO SW2034#01 C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Water, Heated Seat, Deodorizer, Warm Air Dryer, and PREMIST, Elongated, Cotton White
  • A REFRESHING CLEAN FOR EVERYONE - Gentle yet powerful water spray provides an...
  • STEP INTO A LAVISH STANDARD OF LIVING – SoftClose heated bidet seat provides...
  • CLEAN INNOVATIONS OFFER PEACE OF MIND - PREMIST helps prevent waste from...
  • EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUENESS - The convenient side panel allows users to control and...
  • EXPERIENCE EVERYDAY EXCELLENCE – 50 Million WASHLET users agree TOTO electric...

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The bidet chair comes with standard trimmings such as an insulated seat along with heated water, and, of course, a warmer air dryer in order to complete the relaxing process of washing.

Toto washlet C100 is among the most comfortable range seat from Toto and is comparable to the bio bidet 600 that was mentioned earlier.

The toto sw2034 01 C100 washlet is unique in its features as Toto’s Premist technology, which I believe is a must for every toilet.

The first step is to spray a fine mist to apply a coating of water on the inside of the toilet bowl. This is causing things to slide more easily, helping stop things from sticking to the bowl and being pushed to the sides of the bowl.

Installation is simple and can be completed by those willing for a little effort and everything is provided within the kit.

Front and rear warm water cleansers with adjustable temperature settings for the water and the same goes for the pressure.

To provide you with a little extra enjoyment Toto has installed an air purifier that is automatic to remove the unpleasant scents that remain in the midst of people who used the bathroom before us.

The entire system is operated by the fixed control arm that is fixed to the right-hand part of your seat, as you sit down on it.


  • Premist technology.
  • The heated seat and heated water. Warm air dry.
  • Simple to install and use.


  • Water that is warm can only be filtered to the tank’s size.
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Alpha Bidet iX Hybrid

ALPHA BIDET iX Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat in Elongated White | Endless Warm Water | Stainless Steel Nozzle | 4 Wash Functions | LED Nightlight | Warm Air Dryer | Wireless Remote | Oscillation and Pulse
  • LUXURY QUALITY, ENTRY PRICE: We dare you to find a higher quality bidet seat...
  • ADVANCED HYBRID HEATING: Ceramic core heating technology means you get endless...
  • STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLE: It's durable, it's hygienic, it just makes sense. Our...
  • ILLUMINATING LED NIGHTLIGHT: The cool blue LED nightlight is great for nighttime...
  • THE ALPHA BIDET DIFFERENCE: Our bidet seats are sleek, built to last, and...

Last update on 2024-07-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

ALPHA Bidet iX hybrid bidet toilet seatsare relatively new to our seats that rank the highest however, they are an entity to reckon with.

The value for money is among the top and, in fact, we’ve rated it as the top bidet toilet at less than $300.

The reason we’ve made it our third pick is mostly due to being relatively not familiar with the game. At the time of writing, the review on Amazon.com… there are more than 40 reviews by those who have purchased the item, with an average of 4.3-star rating out of 5 and 85 percent of reviews being favorable.

It includes all the necessary features such as heated seats along with heated water and, of course, the warm air dryer that is well worth looking at absolutely. It is equipped with everything you require and more.

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Is a bidet with a dryer worth it?

There are numerous reasons to opt for the bidet toilet seat that has dryer capabilities. Dryers completely eliminate the requirement for toilet paper. This means that it does away with the need of touching the toilet which makes your time on the toilet more comfortable and clean. It also feels great!

What is the best bidet with warm water and a dryer?

Its Alpha JX bidet chair comes with an instantaneous, endless flow of hot water with a completely adjustable stream dryer, a remote, and a heated seat which makes it the most comfortable bidet in the market and at a reasonable price.

Is there a downside to using a bidet?

About 43 percent of female bidet users have changed vaginal microflora, which can lead to the risk of developing bacterial vaginitis. It was observed that women suffering from anal or genital discomfort would prefer the bidet, and there’s a link between these users and those suffering from Urological problems such as vulvar pruritus and hemorrhoids as well.

How do you stay dry with a bidet?

If you’re using a traditional bidet, you may dry it with towels or toilet paper. In many public bathrooms with bidets, towels will be offered with a ring attached to the bidet. But the use of an actual paper towel is a much safer and hygienic option.

Why do bidets have remotes?

The wireless remote control is preferable over side panels due to many reasons. First, they tend to be more expensive models with many options and functions. People prefer more expensive bidet seats, and the majority of models come with remote controls.

Conclusion – Best Bidet With Dryer And Remote

All of the above seats can be used with round and elongated toilets. Make sure you know what you need before you purchase.

When I am comparing these bidets to find the top bidet with dryer features, theToto S550Etakes first place for me.

The instant warm water feature is unique and beneficial which means you don’t need to wait for the water to warm.

I also love that the wand cleans itself prior to as well as after every use in order to ensure that the environment is as clean as possible. Something that the other brands don’t offer.

The deodorizer also automatically cleans the air after each use and keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

When you increase your air dryer’s temperature, it will begin to dry more quickly. Since the dryer is situated at the rear of the seat it has some distance to travel before beginning drying.

This is why the farther back you sit, the more quickly and efficiently the dryer in your bidet seat will function.

Due to the distance air travels over, the time it takes the dryer to complete its job could be more time than what some people would expect.

To this end, certain individuals dab dry while others dab dry and then follow it with an air dryer dry however, some individuals are completely toilet paper-free also.

If you require an adjustable bidet to aid in mobility, an air dryer is essential. It might not be instantly, but it can accomplish the task.

Air dryers may not be as efficient, but the ones with more money generally have the top air dryers.

If you’re in search of the top bidet seat with the ability to air dry your toilet available on the market, then you’ll want to consider the top-of-the-line TOTO units such as the S550eor S500e as well as the Cascade 3000.


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