Amba Towel Warmer Reviews 2023 (Best Heated Towel Rack)

10 Bar Amba heated towel rack

Amba heated towel rack can be described as a luxury bathroom towel warmer that’s simple to use and offers more comfort and security. Keep reading for the complete Amba towel warmer reviews of the product.

10 bar Amba Radiant Curved Hardwired wall mount electric towel warmer is a great value.

Select between a square or round design for your bar either straight or curved bars and plug-in or hardwired. A shelf unit is accessible to dry towels or warm and offers additional storage.

Amba heated towel rack, based in Atlanta GA, offers a vast selection of Italian-style heated towel rails as well as space heaters that keep towels as well as bathrooms warm and dry.

Amba sells these premium products made of stainless steel in 304 grade, with different finishes.

Amba’s goal is to provide their customers in customers in the American market with a selection of high-end, affordable heated towel racks in stainless steel as well as space heaters that are created with the current lifestyle and home design at the forefront.

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10 bar Amba towel warmer reviews: We bought Amba’s Radiant hardwired Curved towel warmer so that our reviewer could test it at home. We suggest using an experienced electrician when dealing with hard wiring or any electrical wiring.


Product NameRWH-CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer
Product BrandAmba
Weight12 lb.
Product Dimensions23.62 x 31.87 x 5.75 feet.
ColorPolished stainless steel
Wattage150 Watts
Model NumberRWH-CP
Pipe Centres578mm
Pipe Inlet Size0.1”
10 Bar Amba Heated Towel Rack Installation

Pros & Cons


  • Sleek design
  • Warms quickly
  • Multiple warming bars


  • Wall space is needed
  • Small power button


Heated Towel Rail Type (41.5″ H x 23.75″ W x 5.75″ D Size)Curved Towel Rail
Heated Towel Rail Type (41.5″ H x 23.75″ W x 4.75″ D Size)Straight Towel Rail
Mount TypeWall mounted
Polished or Brushed (Brushed Finish)Brushed
Heat TypeElectric
Power SourceHardwired
Towel BarsYes
Number of Bars12
Bar Capacity2
Towel TypeHand towel; Bath towel; Washcloth and face towels; bath sheet; Beach towel and a pool towel
Heated Towel Rail Colour (Polished, Brushed Finish)Silver
Primary MaterialSteel stainless
Wattage150 Watt
Voltage110 Volt
BTU Output512 BTU
Maximum Temperature149degF
Automatic Safety ShutoffNo
Electric FunctionalityYes
Hardwiring Kit IncludedYes
Valves IncludedNo
Amperage1.3 Amps
Supplier Intended and Approved UseNon-Residential Use; Residential Use
DurabilityCorrosion Resistant; Fire Resistant; Rust Resistant; Stain Resistant; Tarnish Resistant; Water Resistant
(Amba Towel Warmer Reviews)

They are designed to be able to heat up to 150 temperatures Fahrenheit (F). The time for warming up is between 10 and 15 minutes.

The towel warmer may be fitted with an additional timer that can be programmed for further features. This towel warmer must have been installed by a licensed electrician.

We spend a lot of our mornings in our bathrooms, no matter if it’s bathing, showering, or simply getting ready for the day.

This room is often neglected when making improvements to our home’s living conditions.

There are plenty of bathroom upgrades you could do adding a heated towel bar could transform your regular shower into an indulgence.

I was able to test Amba’s Theradiant Hardwired Curved Warmer for towels to determine the impact it had on my shower routine.

The Radiant hardwired Curved towel warmer is supplied with the necessary parts in simple-to-open packaging.

The manual also provides installation instructions that I quickly gave to a licensed electrician.

It’s an installation of a heated towel bar, therefore even if you’re highly familiar with your home’s electrical configuration, I suggest outsourcing this task to an expert.

There are certain codes that govern the kinds of electric circuits used and the amount of power they draw, particularly in bathrooms. It is important not to install it wrong and end up having issues with power later on.

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There was an electrical outlet close to the wall in which I was planning to put the towel bar, and it could take on the extra load. Again, I rely on an experienced electrician to confirm the above for me. He was required to run additional power lines both up and across the wall to connect the power supply of the towel bar.

It is possible to have the towel bar mounted by pressing the power button at the top, like I did, or in the middle. It’s the same way. Since I have a small child I decided to put the button from the reach of my children.

It will require some wall space to install the towel bar which measures 31.87 inches high. Be aware that towels placed on it could be lower than the smallest rung.

The use of using the towel bar simple. All you have to do is press the power button, which should be on the top or bottom of one of your bars that are vertically dependent on the way you had it set up.

The button lights red however it is very tiny. It is easy to forget whether it’s in use or not even when you’re not engaging with it.

Amba’s Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel warmer takes just five minutes to heat up. This means I don’t need to plan ahead or do anything more than turn it on prior to entering the shower.

It’s warm to the touch, but not enough to cause burns on your skin. Both vertical and horizontal bars can be heated. It is possible to hang two towels in a row and they will be comfortable enough to feel warm following a shower.

This bar for towels is curved with a width in the range of 5.75 inches. It’s not very long in the room, just enough to get towels to the rungs without difficulty.

The rungs can be divided into two major “sections,” which you can use to store two towels. I was impressed by how modern the design was in my bathroom.

If you’re looking for a contemporary and sleek design within your home This towel bar will look right in the right place.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Amba’s Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer is that it comes with the expense of installing it. The towel bar is over $250.

The installation in my bathroom was an additional $500. The result was over $750 to be able to add this item of luxury to my house.

While having a soft towel after a shower or bath may be attractive, this doesn’t make sense for the price to me.

The Radiant Hardwired Curved towel warmer is constructed of stainless steel which is a good rust-resistant product for bathrooms. This is crucial for areas that are subject to a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms or pool decks.

This model is polished stainless however, it’s also available with the brushed version for an entirely different appearance.

Towel bars generally are excellent for drying towels, as well as heating them up. Although I would not recommend buying the towel bar or installation solely for this function it’s an excellent alternative to increase the use of your towel bar within your home.

How to install 10 bar Amba’s Radiant Hardwired Curved towel warmer?

Amba heated towel rack is an installed heater for your towel that is hardwired. This implies that the electrical power lines are hidden behind your walls.

If you’re not familiar with dealing with electrical lines, then you’ll likely want to engage an electrician to handle the installation. This can increase the total price of the towel warmer.

Please Read the Following Information Before Installing and Using Your Amba Towel Warmer :


The units must install by a licensed electrician, in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).

The unit requires a 120-volt, 60Hz power source. It should be connected to a GFCI-protected circuit.

Plug-in units must connect to an outlet that is grounded that has a minimum capacity of 10 amps.

Follow the installation guidelines to ensure that the unit is properly fixed on the wall. It is intended to dry towels. No one should ever be able to climb or hang from the unit.

The unit is designed to be used indoors only. Don’t place units in sauna, shower steam room, sauna, or anywhere else the unit could be in contact with water.


Because it is a heating device the temperature on the surface may increase dependent on the temperature of the room and the amount of towels that are placed on the device.

Overloading the unit can make the unit extremely hot and could result in burning when touched or damaged towels.

The screws included with the kit for installation are intended for convenience and are not suitable for all installation conditions.

It is the primary duty of the installer to ensure that proper mounting hardware is utilized when connecting the wall unit.

Operating Instruction

Following installation, you must connect to the electric power.

– Take off the protective cover of the switch, then turn it back to the on position.

The indicator light turns red and the warmer will begin heating — Allow 10-20 mins for the heater to warm up.

The towel warmer was made to run continuously. Switch off the switch, or cut the cord if the towel warmer is not being used for extended durations of time.

Do not make use of an extension cord on plug-in models.

Care & Maintanance

The towels that are contaminated with detergent or soap residues may appear to show scorch marks. This is just the coloration of the residue within the towels.

The unit is made of extremely tough stainless steel 304. To keep the appearance of the unit adhere to these guidelines:

– For regular cleaning, it is easy to turn off the appliance, let it cool to room temperature, then clean it using a damp sponge, and buff using a dry, soft cloth.

In no way should abrasive cleaners or abrasives be used to clean the unit.

Amba Towel Warmer Manual: Download Here

Amba The Radiant Hardwired Curved vs. Amba The Radiant Plug-In Curved vs. Amba The Solo 24

If you’d like the luxury of a soft, warm towel without the expense of installation, you should consider Amba The Radiant Plug-In Curved.

It’s not as contemporary, however, it has a cord that connects through the towel bar itself, to an outlet nearby.

There is also a possibility of being restricted to where you can put it because you must have a power outlet. But the cost savings from installation might make it worth the cost for a bathroom installation.

For a simpler setup For a simple setup, the Amba Solo 24 offers all the features in a warmer for towels, without any wall space needed.

It’s priced similarly to the hardwired model but is able to be moved and positioned next to an outlet to ensure that the cord isn’t obvious or out of the way.

This model is the ideal option for those renting or who wish to take their warmer towels to a new residence in the near future.

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Is Amba radiant hardwired towel warmer worth it?

Absolutely, Amba radiant hardwired towel warmer that evenly heats as well as being energy efficient and durable is well worth the cost.

Does Amba towel warmer use a lot of electricity?

For the operation of the unit, it is not necessary to pay for the unit. Amba towel warmer is typically less than a penny per day due to the fact that the units are extremely low in energy usage. Based on the average national electricity cost, the price of operation is approximately 15 cents a day, however, the price will differ according to the cost of electricity within your local area.

How do I turn on the Amba towel warmer?

The SOLO Freestanding models have an on/off switch built-in at one of the sides. The models with a Swivel are equipped with an on/off switch at the lower part of the bottom.

How does a towel warmer work?

They operate by putting liquid within the rails. As the electricity heats the liquid inside these rails, this creates a room with heat. They are a source of water and also corrosion inhibitors. They are powered by electricity and warm up, and when they are done heating process, the room becomes warm.

Why isn’t my towel warmer working?

A radiator for a towel that’s not getting hot is usually due to air being trapped within the system. Radiator bleeding can usually solve this.

Can you put a wet towel in the towel warmer?

Yes, you should make use of damp/wet towels or pre-moistened ones for your warmer.

How long does it take to warm a towel in a towel warmer?

It can take 20 to 40 minutes to attain maximum temperature dependent on the temperature of the air within the room as well as the dimensions of the towel warmer.

How long can you leave a towel warmer on?

They are designed to be used continuously, so there is no risk to take into consideration if you would like to continue running them. A typical heated towel rail is likely to be switched on and off according to the central heating system.

Final Verdict On Amba Towel Warmer Reviews

10 bar Amba heated towel rack takes just five minutes to warm. This means you don’t need to think about it or anything else to turn it on prior to taking a shower.

I am impressed by the design and function that comes with the Amba Radiant Curved Hardwired Towel Warmer, but I just don’t think it’s worth the price for something that has such limited usage.

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