11 Incinolet Toilets Awful Experience

Incinolet Toilets Awful Experience – The Incinolet toilet uses a burning process to dispose of waste rather than flushing it away. It utilizes electric heat in order to cut down human waste (urine solids, solids, and newspaper) to a tiny quantity of clean ash that is later dumped in the garbage. Incinolet is kept clean since it does not allow waste to touch the bowl’s surface.

Incinolet toilets can be a great option for eco-friendly toilets which take the strain out of emptying the latrines. They are versatile but Incinolet toilets’ terrible experience is worth being discussed.

Noise issues, smelly problems, and burn cycles that fail and inconvenience are just a few of the unpleasant experiences you’ll encounter when using these devices. Constantly battling with lengthy durations of cycle time and their weight and the necessity to vent and the requirement for continuous power supply all add to the list of issues.

The toilets in the Incinolet look amazing but they’re expensive! For a home that is full-time, it seems to be a dream. The Cinderella one is powered by propane but can cost the same as an automobile!

I looked into this to help me with my build. Incineration of toilets isn’t the best idea for a car. They require quite a lot of energy, and each cycle can take an extended time. They smell bad when they are running.

They’re really only a last option when alternatives aren’t feasible such as a place that is frozen year-round.

The composting toilet, as much as I would enjoy it, might not be ideal for living full-time.

I decided to compost it and it’s working fine. I clean it out once every couple of months.

Incinolet Toilets Awful Experience

Incinolet toilets come with benefits and disadvantages of their own However, this article delves into the incinolet toilets awful experience you could have using them.

Too Much Noise

If you’re the kind of person who prefers quiet environments Incinolet toilets are not for you. Because they burn waste into ash, they produce an excessive amount of noise.

It can be a hassle, particularly at night, when everyone is asleep and the toilet interrupts their sleep.

They Are Heavy

Sometimes, you’ll require portable toilets that you are able to easily install, remove and transfer from one location to another. Toilets that compost are a standard luxury.

However, Incinolet fixtures aren’t that kind of fixture since the manufacturers created them to be more durable.

Smelling Problems

Although it is true that the Incinolet toilet is eco-friendly the fact that it does not use water creates the smell of urine to disperse into the air of the bathroom and surrounding areas.

Typically, you’ll be patiently waiting for the incinerator to fill up before starting the machine to avoid overinflated energy bills. While you sit, the unpleasant smell of waste will reverberate through your house and provide you with an Incinolet toilet unpleasant experience.

Therefore, some families have opted for toilets that do not contain smoke combustion chambers in order to keep the stink of waste at bay.

Unsuccessful Burn Cycles

Incinolet toilets utilize heating cycles that burn waste between 500 and 600 degrees Celsius. The toilet’s process burns waste following the conversion of energy into heat, and the high temperatures allow it to transform the waste into Ash.

But, a horrible experience can occur in the event that the mechanism for flushing is unable to create enough heat. This causes inadequate combustion of waste which is transformed into hard, chunks of gravel instead of fluffy Ash.

The problem is due to excessive draft or an unstable power voltage. It will cause you to scrub them off of the firebox.


Incinolet toilets come with bowl liners that help in cleaning. However, the issue is that you must utilize them each when you go to these toilets.

You must be aware of this, particularly in the case of children who are prone to go to the toilet quickly and leave without incorporating the toilet liner.

Incidences Of Long Cycles

As far as Incinolet fixtures do not require the use of water or sewer lines to eliminate waste, the process of incineration is between 45 minutes and 3 hours, based on the quantity of waste that’s deposited into the chamber.

Because they use large amounts of energy, they are able to take away warmth from your house and convert the waste into the form of ash. Additionally, you should only go to the toilet following cycles to clean the combustion chamber.

Thus, it renders the toilets unsuitable for large families.

You’ll Need To Clean The Ash Container And The Exhaust System Regularly

Manufacturers suggest regularly cleaning the bin to avoid any future issues. Also, you should clean your exhaust system as well using non-chemical cleaning products.

Avoid using chemicals that are abrasive to clean these components. opt for clean water.

The Toilets Demand Venting

As previously mentioned Incinolet toilets without water create a smell that is unpleasant to be spread out to areas adjacent to the bathroom. This is the reason they require the right ventilation.

The toilet’s mechanism has flame arrestors to regulate the flow of air for safety reasons however, the unit is not in operation. In addition, manufacturers warn against placing these units near windows or doors due to their potential to disrupt essential air circulation.

They Demand Continuous Power Supply

An Incinolet toilet needs 1 1/2 kilowatts of power for optimal operation. If waste is left within the incineration chamber, or the process ceases to function before all the waste is burned.

These devices require the highest voltage from a permanent source of power to burn in the fecal matter between 500 and 600 degrees. It is difficult to reuse this in the event of a power outage. If you’re doubtful about finding the right power source look into alternatives such as toilets that compost.

Pollution Problems

Although many people praise Incinolet toilets as green, there are reservations about the pollutants that are released into the air from the process of burning. The only thing you can do is reduce pollution by using alternatives.

Expensive To Buy And Maintain

Although Incinolets don’t charge water they do come with additional expenses, as evidenced by the requirement for toilet liners. It is also important to note that low-quality and inexpensive toilet systems wear down from constant use, and could require expensive replacements.

The frequent use of these fixtures can also reduce the lifespan of these fixtures and make them inoperable. To avoid this buy high-end incinerator toilets that can cost you an astronomical amount.

Are Incinolet Toilets Worth Your Money?

Incinolet toilets are a combination of the use of water with environmental protection This keeps them ahead of competitors. They are able to be used wherever since they don’t require sewer lines or water.

They also have a place on construction sites, RVs as well as marine craft, and other places that have restricted plumbing. Therefore, incinolet toilets could be a great option for those who live in one of these locations.

What is the process behind Incinolet Toilet’s work?

Incinolet toilets became extremely popular because they provided water-less options that standard toilets could not.

INCINOLET makes use of electric heating to break down human waste (urine solids, solids, and newspaper) to a tiny size of clean ash which is then dumped regularly into the trash. INCINOLET is kept clean since waste is never able to touch the bowl’s surface.

The toilet has switches which, when activated transform urine and solids (which transform into water) to ash when exposed to extreme temperatures.

After you have relieved yourself, close the lid and push the foot pedal, which starts the incineration process. Pressing the pedal will move debris into the heating chamber that burns it into the form of ash.

The process will continue and the bowl is left to maintain its hygiene, but be sure to put it in a bowl lined. It is possible to use the fixture even if the incineration process is not yet complete, though it can be a problem for families with large numbers.

Is incinerator ash toxic?

Incinerator ash from the incinerator is harmful to our health and the environment.

In contrast, just as burning wood creates an ash pile and trash, burning garbage leaves behind a heap of ash. The distinction is that the ash from incinerators is harmful to human health and the natural environment.

Where does urine go in an incinerating toilet?

The urine is pumped out to the appropriate receptacle like the sand filter or collection tank. The urinal has no water and totally smells less. Cinderella Urinal is easy to install and you can choose to connect the drain pipe along the wall or the floor.

How well do incinerator toilets work?

Incineration toilets burn biological waste at high temperatures. It leaves an insignificant amount of ash that is equivalent to one teacup for four persons over the course of a week. Incinerating Toilets offer the best option for the composting toilet in North America.

Do incinerating toilets need a vent?

Vents are also necessary to incinerate toilets, either through a wall in the side or upwards through the roof of the building. Toilets that are incinerated can be installed in buildings that are not heated, however in the event that LP gas is utilized as an energy source then it must be protected from extremely cold temperatures.

How do you clean an incinerator toilet?


How Long Does It Take For Incinolet To Work?

The entire process can last between 45 minutes and 3 hours, based on the quantity of waste that is disposed of in the chamber. The heater is turned off and on for 60 minutes to ensure that the combustion is proper while the fan operates for about 30 minutes to keep the chamber cool.

Fortunately, you don’t have been waiting for the incineration process to be completed before you can use the toilet.

Do Incinolets Smell?

Incinolets require adequate ventilation because they don’t make use of water to flush out the garbage. This means that you’ll be confronted with the unpleasant odor of waste materials waiting to be burned.

They smell due to the fact that in the majority of cases, you’ll wait until the incinerator chamber has been filled before burning its contents into the form of ash.


Do incinerating toilets stink?

Incineration toilets utilize electric heating to turn waste into a tiny amount free of bacteria (about one tablespoon per usage). The system works with very little or no water, which makes them perfect for places that aren’t that susceptible to freezing.

What are the cons of an incinerating toilet?

Disadvantages: Installation. There are many elements that may require assistance from a professional like installing venting systems that adhere to health and safety regulations as well as connecting the toilet with gas pipes. Consumption of power, particularly when you choose the electric-incineration option.

How long do incinolet toilets last?

The interval of service is usually between 4 and 6 years, based on normal usage however it will differ in line with the environment surrounding it and also the usage of the restroom.

How loud is an incinolet toilet?

They’re rated at 54 dB. This is 1 meter higher than the toilet. It is comparable to an ordinary dishwasher.

How much power will an incinerator toilet consume?

Incineration toilets are the best choice for properties that are off-grid and where water services aren’t readily available. But, you’ll need electricity or solar power panels in order to run the system. An electric incineration toilet could consume up to 1.5-2 Kilowatt-hours of power per cycle.

How do electric toilets work?

Solid waste is disposed of in a small, discrete composting chamber that is located directly under the pedestal of the toilet. A low-powered 12-volt or electric fan that is 240 volts continuously moves air through the chamber, speeding up the process of composting, and removing smells.

Conclusion – Incinolet Toilets Awful Experience

Incinolet toilets are durable, multi-functional, and the best choice for those who want to stay clear of the anxiety associated with wastewater and soaring water bills.

But, you could have terrible experiences when using them due to their smell, excessive noise pollution, the need for venting, extended cycles, and the other issues that are discussed in the article.

Does anyone have any incinolet toilets awful experience? Please let us know…..


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