Kannagi Film Review (கண்ணகி விமர்சனம்)

Kannagi Film Review (கண்ணகி விமர்சனம்): The film is a feminist-oriented one that blames men for all The Issues

Kannagi Film Review: The debut director Yashwant Kishore has attempted to show why women are viewed as the objects of marriage rather than as sentient beings as well as the violence the society can inflict on women under the guise of marriage.

Kannagi Movie Synopsis:

In its entire run duration, Kannagi plays out like four shorts in an anthology cut from one to other. “Four” women dealing with four distinct challenges in their relationships struggle to deal with these issues and manage their lives but is society favorable toward the women?

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Keerthi Pandian, Ammu Abhirami, Vidya Pradeep, Shaalin Zoya, Mayilswamy, Vetri, Adhesh Sudhakar, Mounika, and Yashwanth Kishore
  • Director:Yashwanth Kishore
  • Producers: Skymoon Entertainment and E5 Entertainment
  • Music:Shaan Rahman
  • Duration:2 hours 38 minutes

Kannagi Film Review (கண்ணகி விமர்சனம்)

Kannagi starts by introducing Kalai (Ammu Abhirami) who is a resident of Pollachi and is required to dress in a bridesmaid’s dress but only to have her mom Sarala (Mounica) turn down the entire group for one reason or another in a way that is a complete surprise to her the displeasure of her Communist father’s (Mayilsamy) anger. Nethra (Vidya Pradeep) is fighting a difficult divorce suit brought by her husband and his in-laws who wrongly accuse her of being unmarried.

It’s Bangalore, Nadhi (Shaalin Zoya) is a woman who doesn’t believe in marriage, is enticed into a relationship that is free of strings to Abhiroop (Adhesh Sudhakar) who begins to become enthralled with her and wishes to get married! The story takes place in Chennai, Gita (Keerthi Pandian) and her boyfriend want to abort an unplanned pregnancy that has passed the legally required timeframe to have an abortion.

Throughout its whole running duration, Kannagi plays out like four shorts from an anthology that are cut from one to another. Through this process, director Yashwanth Kishore reveals the odds stacked against these characters and women in general due to the way society wants women to behave.

The film’s story unfolds and the lawyer who insists on the film’s title “sattam pengalukku sadhagamanadhu” ends with a rhetorical query on his lips “Aana samudhayam pengalukku?”

The director deserves praise for delivering this message without making it sound like a sermon way. The viewer is made to be aware of how characters act and the way events unfold.

In the four tales, we can see that it’s not just males and women, but also those who are facing the oppression of women, and even transgender people that end up promoting stereotypes of patriarchy – even when they’re trying to do the right thing.

If Sarala can ruin her daughter’s life while trying to ensure she is married to a better man A widow shatters the dreams of Nethra who is in deep love with the lawyer of her daughter (Vetri MV) who ultimately chooses family over a more forward-looking.

A coworker also is requesting Nadhi to behave as an office woman, whereas transgender women do not hesitate before releasing an appointment with a doctor, to allow her boyfriend to terminate her pregnancy, regardless of the dangers it carries.

The nuanced and complex writing is supported by the solid performances of the ensemble. The female leads in the four roles can make us feel their struggles and Mounica is extremely effective as the dominant wife.

However, It’s the late Mayilsamy who leaves our hearts by delivering a powerful performance. The actor is fantastic in the scene where he utterly apologizes to his daughter and expresses his utter lack of confidence.

There are instances where the film seems like it’s underscoring the same point repeatedly while a few scenes are melodramatic and heavy-handed and perhaps a little away from the modern-day approach that the filmmaker wants to create.

However, the twist at the end that Yashwanth gives us will make things more exciting and make people leave feeling happy feeling after the film has ended.

Final take

In short, Yashwant Kishore’s film Kannagi looks to glorify women by putting down men and the institution of marriage as well.

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