Best Wooden Cages for Guinea Pigs – (101 Buying Guide)

Wooden cages for guinea pigs can be a fantastic alternative for a cavy. Because they tend to eat all things around them it is sensible to put them in safe, natural materials such as wood.

When you’re looking for a wooden cage for your cavy be sure that it is easy to access so that you can thoroughly clean it every day. This will eliminate smells and keep your pet well.

It’s equally important to select guinea pig-safe wood that isn’t likely to cause danger if consumed. Keep in mind the number of cavies you’ll have and ensure there’s enough space to accommodate all.

Our Top Five Wooden Guinea Pig Cages

Are you up to taking a deep review of the top wood Guinea Pig cages?

Our expertly-approved cages are perfect for one to three guinea pigs in accordance with the type of cage and offer additional space to play and run around.

These are the top 5 picks for the most durable wooden cages to keep your pet in.

1: Lovupet Wooden Outdoor Indoor Guinea Pig Cage

Lovupet Wooden Outdoor Indoor Guinea Pig Cage Bunny Rabbit Hutch with Feeding Trough Coop Pet House for Small Animals with Six Legs (52.4" L x 23.6" W x 21.3" H) 6010-1550D
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This fir wood cabinet will provide your pet with a cozy and secure place to stay with you. It comes with a single floor, a long-span pet hutch, and an enclosed sleeping space.

It is equipped with three doors: The wire front door, the room door, and the second door is known as the run door, plus the roof is open and comes with two locking arms to secure it to allow you convenient entry to pet.

In terms of the convenience of it, there’s the feeding trough, where you can place the hay without having to open all the hutches. The only drawback is that even with two pull-out trays to clean, the wood walls of the hutch could retain odor longer than plastic cages and wires.


2: PawHut Multilevel Compact Wooden Hutch

PawHut 48" L Wooden Rabbit Hutch Pet Playpen 4 Door House Enclosure with Ramp, for Rabbits and Small Animals, Natural Wood
  • ✅COMPACT FOOTPRINT: This rabbit starter kit makes small animal ownership...
  • ✅COMPREHENSIVE DESIGN: Designed with your pet in mind, the upper enclosed area...
  • ✅EASILY ACCESSIBLE: This rabbit playpen makes things simple for you with...
  • ✅WEATHER RESISTANT: Made with durable weather resistant fir wood and a water...
  • ✅OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 48" L x 19.75" W x 36.25" H

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The small PawHut Multi-Level Wooden Guinea Pig Cage is a fantastic choice for small spaces.

In the event that your Guinea Pigs are roaming free throughout the day, they’ll be delighted to have this cozy cage for them!

But, bear in mind that this is only good for two Guinea Pigs that are adults, and is only a secure place to sleep. It is possible to purchase more cages in case you already have more.

The guinea pig hutch made of wood is constructed of solid wood with strong mesh panels to keep your pet secure and safe.

The vast sleeping area above is a modest open running space. This is useful for those who are looking for some alone time!

The cage also comes with four doors that allow the animals with easy access throughout the day.

This is our second-highest-rated competitor due to the fact that owners are very pleased with the solid design and it works well in smaller spaces.


3. Good Life Guinea Pig Coop

Good Life Two Floors 62" Wooden Outdoor Indoor Roof Waterproof Bunny Hutch Rabbit Cage Guinea Pig Coop PET House for Small to Medium Animals with Stairs and Cleaning Tray PET537
  • Upgraded to plastic tray. This rabbit cage suitable for 2-3 rabbits or 3-4...
  • Overall Size: Exterior :62"(L) x 21.0"(W) x 37.0"(H) / Upper House size:...
  • Sturdy Construction & Weatherproof: Constructed by premium natural fir wood and...
  • Spacious Space & User-friendly Design: This 62" Guinea Pig Condo There is...
  • Removable tray & Grid Fences: There is removable bottom sliding tray for easy...

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These cute wooden cages for Guinea Pigs are both functional and visually appealing. Built from solid wood This is a real Guinea Pig condo.

The elevated living area is perfect for sleeping, and it is accessible via the ramp.

The strong mesh panels allow you to keep your pet safe from disruption. Three doors provide easy access to your pet anytime they’re in need of a hug.

The generous 72″ long wooden guinea pig cage accommodates up to three guinea pigs in the event that they are provided with a minimum of two hours of roaming around.

With a removable tray at the base of the cage, it’s a simple way to keep your pet comfortable and secure.

We’ve chosen this as our 3rd choice due to its ample space for two guinea pigs comfortably.


4:Pawhut Deluxe Outdoor Wooden Cage

Pawhut 91" Deluxe Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch / Chicken Coop w/ Outdoor Run
  • Front of living area and run opens for easy access to pets
  • Run area provides open feeling for pets
  • Multiple ramps allow animal's entry to inner box
  • Includes all necessary parts but assembly is required
  • Overall Size: 90.6"L x 27.6"W x 39.4"H

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This enormous wooden cage for the guinea pig is like an escape for your pet!

It’s 70 inches long, with an elevated enclosure that provides additional space. It also features an open running area on both sides, ensuring that your pet has enough space to stretch and exercise its legs.

Its nearly 12 square feet offer ample space for two or three cats to be content particularly if they get some freedom to roam around.

With its four doors and a removable bottom tray that slides down, it is easy for your pet to get in and wash the cabinet.

Indoor use owners recommend using wood or plastic below the wooden guinea-pig cage that does not have a bottom.

This cage made of wood is in our top five since it provides ample room for your pet Although its size might not suit all families.


5: Good Life Two Floors Wooden Guinea Pig Coop

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Because of its tiny dimensions and striking design, This Wooden cage for guinea pigs is an ideal choice for indoor spaces with smaller areas.

With a sturdy guinea-pig-safe wood structure, and two levels that increase the spaces available for cavies to roam The cozy cage gives your pet an ideal environment for them to can relax and snuggle.

It’s a cage that’s raised which means there is you do not need to buy additional wood panels to preserve your flooring.

The upper enclosure is an additional space for sleeping in, and the lower area is ideal for your guinea pigs to get their legs moving. Because it has 4 doors, it’s simple to take your pets outside when they’re in need of a cuddle.

The two levels are linked by the ramps made of wood as well as, since the entire structure is made of untreated wood, it’s not danger-free if your animals take it in their bites.

Its compact size and strong construction, ideal for urban living make it an easy pick for our top five wooden guinea-pig houses.

Are you able to find the perfect wooden cage for your cavy? If you’re still looking to take a look for other options, here are a few alternatives that could be ideal for your home.


A Selection of the Top Wooden Cages for Guinea Pigs Options for Your Cavy

The top five picks are five of the top wooden guinea-pig cages available on the market. They offer excellent options for large as well as smaller spaces.

But, you might need additional cages that are approved by experts to pick from. There are other choices that will suit your needs and your family better. If you’re looking to keep your cats in the indoor or outdoor space or both We’ve got you covered!

TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch With Outdoor Run

TRIXIE Natura Single Rabbit Hutch with Large Run, 2-Story with Ramp, Hinged Peaked Roof, for Rabbits or Guinea Pigs, Natural, XS
  • Ideal for single and smaller breed rabbits
  • The rabbit hutch is made with solid and pet-friendly glazed fir wood for a...
  • Elevated living area with an anti-slip ramp providing an avenue to the secure...
  • Pull-out plastic tray for fast and easy cleaning
  • 4 Access points: 2 doors with metal slide latches; hinged roof with locking...

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The TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run is an ideal choice for those searching for middle to the small wooden cages for a guinea pig.

The wooden rabbit hutch can be a fantastic indoor guinea pig enclosure by incorporating the appropriate flooring material. It is possible to use a piece comprised of plastic, wood, or plexiglass to safeguard your flooring indoors. Some owners recommend aluminum for floors.

The floor’s dimension is 61 inches by 21 inches which is almost nine square feet of flooring space. It is enough space for two guinea pigs!

The ramp takes you to a smaller area for hiding and nesting which is equipped with a separate pull-out tray for cleaning.

The best thing about this hutch is the fact that the outdoor portion is removable, which means you can use it to allow your guinea pigs to go outside to play on sunny days!


Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage

Krolik Extra-Large Rabbit Cage w/ Wood Hutch Extension Rabbit Cage Includes All Accessories and Measures 55.9L x 23.62W x 19.68H and Includes ALL Accessories
  • Perfect Rabbit Cage Starter Kit w/ Wood Hutch Extension | Rabbit cage includes...
  • Extra-Extra-Large Living Space | Rabbit cage measures 55.9L x 23.62W x 19.7H...
  • Easy Maintenance Rabbit Cage | Krolik features a 5.5" deep base to contain...
  • Convenient Access | Full front door provides quick access inside the rabbit...

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This Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage is a distinctive combination of wire and wood that is designed to accommodate rabbits in indoor environments. However, it is ideal as an indoor guinea pig and hutch too.

Floor dimensions that measure 51 inches by 19 inches give just 7.6 square feet of floor space for a single piggy to play and run around.

Made of guinea-pig-safe wood The hide on one end is great for snoozing and nesting. It also comes with additional items like a container for water, a food dish, and hay holders.


Petsfit Cage for Rabbits/Guinea Pigs

Petsfit Rabbit/Guinea Pigs Cage
  • Solid wood construction, top level and classic design
  • PAY ATTENTION to the last photo about how to connect the pneumatic stay bar
  • Pull out tray, roof can be opened, easy to clean(NO grate included)
  • Wine red and white trim, painted with water-based paint. Outer dimension:...
  • Please check the second photo for more details.. Easy assembly with pre-drilled...

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Petsfit Rabbit/Guineapig Cage is a stunning sight to admire. It is a great way to add some uniqueness to your home!

This gorgeous red-and-white trim elevated outdoor/indoor cage is great for both environments. The floor area is 36 inches by 30 inches which gives 7.5 square feet of floor space for a single pet guinea pig to enjoy. On one side there is a fenced wooden space to rest and nest.

The bottom is a solid aluminum piece that has a pull-out tray to make cleaning simple. The wood is a waterproof finish that helps to reduce the risk of leaks and odors. Many pet owners love this wood because of their pets.


Prevue Hendryx Rabbit Hutch

Prevue Hendryx 461 Large Rabbit Hutch, Stained Wood
  • Prevue Pet Products Large Rabbit Hutch is a safe and secure home for your rabbit
  • Rabbit Hutch has double door locks for extra security
  • Crafted from weather-resistant fir, coated with a non-toxic stain
  • Removable bottom grille in a foot-friendly design
  • 46-1/2-Inch long, 24-inch wide and 36-1/4-inch high

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The cabinet is elevated above the ground using legs. This can provide an additional level of security when you intend to keep your guinea pigs outside for a long period of time. It measures 46 inches by 24 inches (7.67 square feet) The floor space is large enough for one guinea pig to play around. There’s an open space and a hide that is enclosed to sleep and nest.

Since it has an electrical wire at its bottom that is wired, you will need to cut off the wire grate which separates the floor of the slide-out tray. Alternatively, you can put the glass or fleece over the wire to ensure that your guinea pigs are safe and healthy. secure.

No matter which cage you pick be sure that it comes with the essential features that create a perfect habitat for the Guinea pigs. What should you be looking for when buying an all-new wooden guinea-pig cage?


What Features Do Wooden Guinea Pig Cages Require?

A wooden Guinea Pig cage can be an excellent option for cavies. However, they should also be in compliance with certain requirements to ensure they’re safe and healthy for your pet.

The primary things to be looking for when selecting the best wooden cage for your guinea pig include spacing of the bars (if they are available) as well as easy cleaning and the kind of wood. We’ll cover safe guinea-pig woods further down.

The most crucial thing to remember with the wooden guinea-pig cage is that you check it regularly. Since it is made of wood, your guinea pigs will likely eat it every now and then.

Guinea Pigs chew constantly! They’re required to do this due to the fact that their teeth (long teeth on the front) never stop expanding. Health risks of grave severity can arise when your guinea pig doesn’t have the proper chewing material that keeps the teeth clean.

This is also a sign that your guinea pig will likely be drawn to play with the wooden enclosure. It’s likely regardless of whether you have plenty of chewing toys like cardboard rolls, and wooden blocks as well as other items that enrich.

Therefore, you should conduct every week a “perimeter check” to make sure that your wooden guinea-pig cage is in good condition. This could mean that you’ll have to accept the fact that you will have to change the cage made of wood more often than an acrylic or wire cage. If not, you’ll most likely need to repair wood cages more frequently.

What Kind Of Wood Is Safe For Guinea Pigs?

It is crucial to choose only suitable wood to put in your guinea-pig cage. Cherry, oak, apple aspen, linden poplar, basswood as well as fir are all suitable woods suitable for cages of guinea pigs. Although it isn’t easy to find fruit-based woods suitable for construction, these are fantastic to chew!

Certain woods could be hazardous for guinea pigs to be around. This is why it is important to choose food items that are safe for your guinea pig’s house.

Willow is totally safe, except for white willow, which is an aspirin-like substance that is natural!

The Cedar species is well known as a hardwood that can mask the smell of guinea-pig waste, however, it can be harmful. If your pet encounters wood, the chemical compounds used to make that incredible smell could cause permanent (and often fatal) liver and respiratory damage.

This is also the case for pinewood, which emits a masked scent that people are prone to like. However, that scent is derived from the same kinds of poisonous chemicals (phenols) that make cedar wood so hazardous.

If you can locate kiln-dried pine wood shavings, they have less risk, however, generally speaking, you should steer clear of pine.

Redwood and Eucalyptus also produce phenols. So, even though they aren’t as frequently employed for pet care products make certain to look out for the phenols.

Another piece of advice to consider when selecting toys, wood habitats, and accessories. Be certain to stay clear of treated woods. They could contain harmful dyes and glues, chemicals, and adhesives that could harm your animal friend. If you are unable to find details about this wood construction, stay clear of it to stay safe.

If you decide to select natural woods made from fruiting vines or trees make sure they’re not spray-treated with pesticides or insecticides or herbicides that could damage your cavy when inhaled.

Overall in all, when selecting safe woods for guinea-pig cages, you must choose non-treated, non-odorless materials.

Bar Spacing in Guinea Pig Cages

Because it is difficult to locate an edgy guinea pig cage made of wood that is pre-made and ready to use, many owners choose to repurpose an old rabbit hutch to house their cavies.

If you opt for cages designed to accommodate pets of other breeds, pay careful pay attention to the spacing between bar cages made of wire! You should aim for 1.5 inches or more so that noses and toes remain in a safe place.

If in doubt, opt for a bottom that is wire-free and adheres to a strict schedule of cleaning.

Keeping Your Wooden Guinea Pig Cage Clean

Wooden cages can be more difficult to keep clean than metal or plastic cages.

Yet, daily cleaning is vitally important. Guinea animals don’t appreciate dirty living spaces as humans do. There are a variety of methods that will help prolong the life of your guinea pig’s wooden cage.

Some homeowners suggest rubbing almond or coconut oil on the wood as a form of safe treatment that prevents liquid waste from getting into the wood or staining its surface.

You could also lay down a thick layer of cloth, a plexiglass sheet that is cut to the dimensions of the bottom of the cage, or a tray made of plastic or any other solid surface. Beware of putting wire flooring down because the bars could damage your guinea pig’s feet.

If you decide to make use of shavings or bedding with no solid layer of bedding between the floor of your wood then you must put it in a very thick layer. Be sure to get rid of any bedding that is soiled quickly to ensure it doesn’t soak into the wood. This is where guinea-pig exercise in the litterbox (it really is feasible!) can assist in limiting waste in one area in the animal habitat.

If you are considering cleaning products be aware that guinea pigs are extremely sensitive to chemical cleaners. For instance, just the smell of bleach could be very toxic and irritating. Instead, you should opt for natural cleaners such as water with hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar.

Should You Place Your Wooden Guinea Pig Cage Indoors or Outdoors?

A question that many new owners of guinea pigs are whether it’s better to have an outdoor or indoor wooden cage for guinea pigs.

There are pros and cons to offering an indoor or outdoors wooden guinea-pig cage. In ideal situations, you may want to consider offering your cavies two options if the weather and time permit!

The benefits of the indoor wooden guinea pig Hutch

  • Protection from predators and elements.
  • Temperature-controlled environment.
  • More time to play and interact with you!
  • It will be more durable as it’s not exposed to the elements.

The advantages of having an outdoor wooden guinea-pig house are:

  • Additional stimulation and sensory enrichment for your pet.
  • Possibility to graze grasses that are living (you can see an example in this adorable video clip).
  • Exposure to natural sunlight that is filtered (always offers shade).

Whatever you decide to do, bear in mind that you’ll likely need to change the wood cage in your outdoor garden more often than once inside.

You now know what to look out for when you are choosing an animal cage made of wood It’s time to choose the proper size.

How Big Should a Wooden Guinea Pig Cage Be?

Your guinea pig is likely to spend most of his time in his home. Therefore, you must ensure that the enclosure that you put in place is large enough.

Make sure you have these suggested dimensions of floor space to accommodate the needs of your pet:

  • One guinea pig: 7 square feet is the minimum amount you can afford for one pig.
  • Two guinea pigs: Look at a space of 9 to 11 square feet The bigger the more space.
  • For more than two guinea pigs: You can add an additional 2 to 4 square feet per animal.

Guinea pigs can’t climb therefore they don’t require an extremely high-height enclosure. Be sure to provide at the very least 12 to 18 inches of overhead space to allow for adequate airflow all over the enclosure.

If you do not have the space for a horizontal cage an upright cage with multiple floors can give you and your cavy enough space that they require without taking the floor space too seriously.

To construct your own DIY cage for your guinea pig watch this instructional video.

Best Wooden Cages for Guinea Pigs

There are a variety of wooden cages for guinea pigs that you can pick from. You can choose an elaborate cavy castle in your yard, or need a secure space that your animal can lay in after having a brisk walk all-day Our top five picks are a good place to begin.

We’ve carefully picked these wooden guinea-pig houses to be secure as well as spacious and attractive to behold! We hope that our guide will make choosing the right enclosure for you cavy an easier job.

Are you a proud cavy owner? What cage do you have for your pet guinea pigs? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below!


Can Guinea Pigs Live in a Wooden Cage?

The wooden Guinea Pig cages are an ideal choice for a cavy. Since they are known to eat everything they come across It is wise to put them in organic, secure materials, such as wood. When you’re looking for a wooden cage to house a cavy be sure that it is easy to access so that you can wash it thoroughly every day.

What Kind of Cage is Best for a Guinea Pig?

Glass aquariums, plastic tubs, and cages with floors made of wire are not acceptable for housing guinea pigs.

One guinea-pig 7.5 square feet, or roughly 30″x 36″ is the minimum minimal recommended size, however larger is more effective.

Two guinea pigs are 7.5 square feet (minimum) however, at minimum 10.5 sq. feet (30″ x 50″) is the ideal size.

Is a 2×4 Cage Good for Guinea Pigs?

How many Guinea Pigs will fit in a 2×4? Two adult guinea pigs can comfortably. The size varies depending on the size of your group. The ideal cage for 2 Guinea porcine.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Multi-Level Cages?

Although some animals love climbing on platforms that have multiple levels within the cage, guinea pigs typically prefer open, flat spaces. Guinea Pigs are generally terrified of heights and even a simple ramp leading to a second level might be too scary for a guinea pig to try.

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