Are Dogs Allowed In REI? [REI’s Top 3 Official Pet Policy]

Are you planning to visit REI to buy some outdoor equipment? Do you wonder if you could bring your dog along with you? Then you’ll be thankful that you came by. Here’s everything you should be aware of.

Are dogs allowed in REI? They are not permitted at all times in REI in accordance with their official corporate policy. The only exception to this is service dogs. In the past, certain shops have been reported to permit dogs.

It is up to the discretion of store managers and employees to determine the rules to enforce. This means that it may vary on a store-by-store basis.

In actual fact, REI does have a no-dog policy.

or any other pet in the same way.

As you’ll see that your experience will be different in the particular store you shop at.

Overview of REI

REI is a member-owned co-operative that is committed to assisting all people to enjoy the outdoors. They provide their members with exceptional services, great value, and distinctive products since 1938.

They had an unconditional return policy for the majority of the products they offer, but that was halted on the 4th of June.

They are committed to environmental stewardship. They provide hundreds of classes for free and events throughout the year so that their members as well as the community members can gain knowledge on how to enjoy outdoor recreation and stewardship.

You might be considering whether or not you are allowed to bring your dog inside the REI store.

Are dogs allowed in REI? Officially, dogs aren’t permitted in REI stores. REI isn’t dog-friendly except for service animals.

Leashed dogs are permitted in certain outdoor areas that are adjacent to REI stores, which include sidewalks and parking areas.

But, you are able to buy a dog in REI stores, however, your dog isn’t permitted in the shop.

There is a widespread belief that certain stores allow dogs, however, it is at the discretion of the individual store staff and managers to make it a law.

As per REI spokespersons “There are a number of reasons why we don’t allow pets in our stores.” “The main reason is that not everyone loves animals as much as we do, and we want to create an environment that’s enjoyable for everyone.”

We are devoted to our pets However, for the security and enjoyment of our customers everywhere We ask that you keep your pets at home during your visit to REI.

Are Dogs Allowed In REI?

Are REI stores dog friendly? REI is not dog-friendly and will not allow you into the store with your pet. Sure, you can spend some money with your pet in the store, but pets are allowed.

I’m a frequent traveler but haven’t been permitted to bring my dog with me to the store when it’s too hot to leave the dog outside. I was told that I can tie my dog up in the front of the store. which isn’t very helpful. I am a huge fan of the things REI represents, however, this policy is very difficult to navigate as a traveler or camper.

Certain REI stores allow dogs to stay However, the majority of them aren’t. Whatever the case, it’s essential to know that in accordance with the corporate policy dogs aren’t usually allowed unless they’re service dogs.

In reality, you could be allowed to bring in your dog, however, you might not be.

Some shops even sell dog food at the counter. Other stores let dogs try dog-friendly products.

It is possible to spend an hour or two in a shop with your dog, only later to be instructed to go home.

It all depends.

It could also come down to the manner in which each dog behaves as well as their size, breed as well as any prior incidents or incidents with dogs at this particular location.

It’s difficult to know the specifics of every single retailer ahead of time.

Except for the fact that you are familiar with the employees and the manager personally or have had the pleasure of going to that particular store.

Be aware that it’s not technically allowed. All stores follow the identical policy.

If you find out the reasons why dogs aren’t allowed on the premises it is possible to be hesitant about entering with your pet, even when you are allowed to.

Three Reasons Why Dogs Are Not Allowed To Be In REI:

There are several reasons that dogs are not permitted inside REI stores. The reasons include:

Protect Customers

The top priority of REI is to provide a secure and pleasant atmosphere for all our customers including those who suffer from allergies or are scared of dogs.

The presence of dogs on the premises could put customers in danger, but it could also mean additional work for the employees to supervise and take care of them in a constant manner.

Additionally, REI’s return policy is already quite flexible. In the event that customers return items to their pets will only increase the likelihood of damaged or soiled products and, in the end, cause more waste and need additional resources for cleaning and repairs.

Protect Employees

Employees’ safety is another important reason REI is a dog-free policy within their stores. Dogs are unpredictable, and even the most friendly dogs might bite or startle whenever they feel threatened. To ensure the safety of employees and customers It is recommended to keep dogs away from the premises.

But this does not mean you should not take your pet shopping. Many shops offer pet-friendly times of shop or shopping days in which dogs that are well-behaved are welcomed. It’s a wonderful option to let your furry friend take part in the excitement without putting anyone at risk.

If you’re wondering why dogs can’t be allowed at REI Remember that it’s for the protection of the dogs and humans. Everyone can still have the shopping experience while adhering to REI’s policy.

Reduce the Risk of The Possibility of an Accident

Accidents do happen, and often they include dogs. To minimize the chance of accidents taking place in their stores they enforce a no-dogs policy. Of course, pets that are service animals are allowed in the shops.

Accidents could happen at the shop due to unruly dogs, or even those who behave well. Dogs may also cause problems by slamming into displays or blocking the path of other customers.

They are committed to creating an environment that is safe and enjoyable for all their customers, which includes the possibility of an accident taking place. Therefore, we hope you’re aware of the no-dogs policy.

What should I do if observe another guest breaking REI’s pet policy by bringing their dog into the property without permission?

It is imperative to immediately inform the REI Security guard or staff member immediately so that they can take the appropriate action. If you spot someone with a pet in an area where pets aren’t permitted, you should make them aware of this policy and request the owner to get rid of their pet from the area.

Why Dogs Are Not Allowed In REI

Pets are not permitted inside REI in order to protect customers and employees and to reduce the risk of incidents that involve unruly dogs.

Although it can be a bit frustrating to know that you are not able to enter the first place, this policy is in place because of a reason.

Furthermore, this was not always the case. policy.

It was implemented as a method to ensure that everyone is in a safe and secure environment.

Here’s what REI actually had to say about the subject:

REI is a special spot we would like to share our joy with everyone. Our aim is to make REI an environment that is inclusive, where everyone can feel comfortable purchasing and working. Certain locations at REI do not allow animals due to local and state health regulations. We’ve also observed that a few customers have allergies to animals and/or do not like them”.

Rei Co-op

Your dog might be well-behaved and well-socialized, the issue is that not all are.

If there was to occur an attack, especially on an animal service dog or young child, the retailer could be found liable or even a plaintiff in an action.

Even if all dogs are socialized There is always the chance they will need to go to the bathroom at the shop.

The mess is clearly going to cause problems.

Or for employees, or for a customer who is in the wrong spot.

However, keeping these points with these in view, REI concluded the following:

Due to these, and other reasons We’ve made the choice is to not let pets enter any of the REI retail stores”.


However, REI has also publically stated it will be doing everything it can to accommodate the demands of dog owners when they are not allowed to enter the stores:

If you’re interested in trying an outdoor pack for your pet, one of our staff members at the store is happy to assist you to get the dog out of the entrance to the store.”

How Can You Ensure Your Dog’s Safety If You Allow It Inside The REI Store?

Your dog will be secure when you visit your REI shop by following the guidelines below. This is only applicable to stores that allow your dog to enter.

1. Be sure that your dog is leashed at all time in the shop.

2. Don’t let your dog approach or interact with other dogs or pets in the store.

3. Be sure to keep your dog out of areas in the store that could contain dangerous items, like display cases for gear or areas for food storage.

4. If your dog gets disruptive or causes trouble then please take them out of the shop immediately.

How Can You Protect Your Dog If You’re Not Allowed Inside The REI Store?

If your dog isn’t permitted within the REI store There are ways to ensure your dog is in a safe environment. There are many stores that have designated areas for pets outside in which dogs can relax and enjoy the fresh air.

If you’re not able to do that take a leash along and take your dog on an outing around the block when you go shopping. Make sure you be attentive to your pet, to ensure they don’t get lost.

If you’re ready to leave let your dog stay near the door while you go inside. This will prevent any incidents or trouble. Both you and your dog can have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience by preparing.

Are Dogs Allowed In REI Stores? (Summary)

REI does not permit dogs… in writing.

However, in actuality, certain shops appear to be slightly more accommodating in this policy than other stores.

It’s ultimately up to the supervisor to ensure compliance with corporate policy.

That’s why there are people who will bring their pets to REI stores.

The question of whether you should do it is a different aspect completely.

Think about the dog’s temperament as well as how well socialized and educated they are.

Additionally the fact that this policy has been put in place to protect people.

At a minimum, staff can assist in fittings or sizing, regardless of the dog’s presence with you.


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